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    Regret a cab tractor?

    I farmed small farm for several years. Tractors were open station. All I knew till I was in my 60's and bought my first. If using in the woods be very careful. Yes an open station is easier to get on and off normally. But the temp comfort is not the biggest reason I would recommend a cab...
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    Hi all, first tractor and a few questions

    Welcome to TBN. I have a M6800 which your tractor replaced if not mistaken. I have been very pleased with mine. Bought mine in 1999 I think, at latest it was 2000 for my father in law sat on it once only and he passed Nov of 2000. I still have only about 1300 hours on it. You probably have...
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    Top link

    There is a negative you need to be aware of with a chain for top link which could be solved running the chain through a metal pipe of needed length. I know for it happened to me. With most mowers there is a rear wheel whether finishing mower or rough cut or with flail mower the roller on the...
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    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    This is a topic that many many land owners have experienced and one of the main concerns of owning land. Even just a lot for your house. We are faced with it from time to time and have learned if in open view to asked why they are there or do they realize they are trespassing? The asking do...
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    Ideas for repairing radiator? REPAIRED!

    I am not doubting nor know any of these will work but 07wingnut's recommendation would be along the line I think makes good sense. You should install large flat washers on the machine screws (stainless) and drill the holes snug so they would remain in place as you install them using the hole...
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    L2501 with HST

    Not living in snow country had to read to understand the need for the brakes. Makes sense. As tractors were mainly built for farming and row crops you needed the ability to make tight turns and thus the split or individual brakes. When a farmer was use to turning a single horse or mule at the...
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    JD 4300 quits when going uphill.

    When it does it try removing the fuel line at the tank to see if fuel flows freely or not. Had same thing to happen to me and was hard to spot the dead black wasp in a dark fuel tank. If the trash is something that will float you might be able to get fuel to a level that works and use a very...
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    Box blade top link connection

    I don't use a quick hitch but the bolt is there to keep the mounts in place and not spread from side loads on the third arm. I have seen people remove the bolt from where it is to another hole for a quick hitch.
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    My buddy(dog) is passing away

    You would not be sad if you did not have a heart. Our dog suffered an injury about two months back. There was two times I felt he may not make it. Yes, this Christian prayed for his dog. It is amazing the bond and love there can be. They sure have the ability to worry us, upset us, make us...
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    Keep eye on the air filter also for overheating. Clogged air filter will cause overheating and many miss that.
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    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    Without a doubt much varies by the area, the product and the buyer. We need a new computer...spent time on line to be fully confused but the reason we are replacing our laptop is the keys can not be seen with the backlight Dell uses. So I will only buy a computer I am able to hold and SEE the...
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    What size trailer do I need for my tractor?

    I have a 5 ton mini excavator and it is easy to haul on my 18 foot trailer. Plenty long. But my Kubota L606 with FEL and any rear attachment is a bear. Only way I have been able to is with fel lifted over the front end of my bumper pull. Right now trying to figure out what I need in trailer to...
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    Buying Advice John Deere compared to Kubota

    I may have posted this somewhere before, but I now own my third Kubota giving me three sitting under my shelter at one time. I had a JD 5525 for four years and a Case no idea the model over 20 years ago but about 50 hp. I never had any issue with one Kubota, one is only a year old but issue...
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    THE latest and surely the greatest .......

    I may be wrong in some of my thoughts here and if so correct please. I understand some refrigerators have cameras that take pictures and maybe even live feeds on them. Know have heard they will record a person also and warnings about don't go to the fridge if not properly clothed. If I have to...
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    4520R exhaust adequate for pest erradication?

    We don't have gophers here but the method I find most amazing is used a truck that sucks them out and into the boxed truck. Was on youtube. I thought the comment the man blew up his yard was an overkill till I watch the video!! I have used the tobacco bed gas to kill large rates under grain...