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    3rd Function on SA324/424

    Did not realize I had not posted here I did buy Everything Attachment and very pleased with it. Ended up with Kubota tractor and not Yanmar. One thing I am yet going to do to the EA grapple is protect the tractor by using heavy expanded metal to prevent limb coming through the EA grapple. It is...
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    Looking at a 2018 John Deere 2025r

    Admit did skip some pages but: I have a Kubota about same size. No loader, often wish it did. Bought it to mow our yards (ours, farm shop's, and grand parents with pond and barn, total of about 8 acres. Bought a 6 foot Bushog brand rear finishing mower which will be much less than mid mount...
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    The challenge of Kudzu

    Kudzo was planted in my state heavy also and has totally taken some low-lying swamps. Have never had to deal with it myself but as to spraying early, normally best results with any herbicide is spray while the weed whatever it is is small, tender and growing. Watch for temperature limits also...
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    The challenge of Kudzu

    2manyrocks I agree with repeated spraying.
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    Real Estate Days on Market?

    bmg88201, Valid concerns. Here we get tons of them from the north and I will say the majority I meet are decent people and they are fleeing the liberal areas and their ideas.
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    feeling stumped--advice needed

    The idea of reaching out to people who make turn bowls or such could have a buying interest in your stumps depending on the type of wood. Here in the South it takes a few months for large stumps to dry enough to burn well. But it is very possible. I have had pines and hardwoods left above...
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    Aerating lawn core plug or subsoiler?

    jeff366, Centipede has been the main lawn grass here for near forty years or more. I am seeing Zoysia growing in popularity, me being one of those doing so. Can not say ever seen Bahia as a lawn grass here. Seems Centipede, Bermuda and again Zoysia is growing in popularity here. Realize...
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    Best way to clear small trees from pasture

    One thing I think that is being seen here over and over, as with many task there may be perfect tool, then often there are a few tools that will work well and then more that will work but say average and not great nor well but will do the job. The best tool for a job is often the one you have...
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    Real Estate Days on Market?

    I pray and hope our economy holds together and no serious recession and certainly no depression. Think inflation is going to be major issue for us. Debt of the US Government is not a positive at all and it is only growing. Somewhere something will trigger majorly with the US Debt. We may...
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    Best way to clear small trees from pasture

    First thing is the root system on a sweetgum is strong. Cut the tree to the ground and next year you have a sweetgum bush, growing very fast. If the root system is left in place, you best be mowing that area multi times per growing season, for a few years. If you cut the trees or use rough cut...
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    JD 5105 Fire

    Well, you have my attention need to improve my firefighting options. What is a total can surprise me, but don't be shocked if it is. Remember the front end loader is not part of the tractor. So they will pull it off in calculation. Where is the fuel tank, is in under the seat area or behind...
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    Real Estate Days on Market?

    Myrtle Beach SC is about 20 miles east of me. In the Mid 1980's sold real-estate and the prices in our county were about 20% higher than the adjoining county. Today the difference is much much greater. I would say just looking at listings four to six time higher here. We are a very large county...
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    Aerating lawn core plug or subsoiler?

    To begin with: working with four different lawns here. Age of lawns range from 50 plus to brand new. The soil runs from sandy loam to medium sand and to heavy dirt that will hold water staying wet with frequent rains. My wife's home place is the most varied, one side lawn has major slope to be...
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    Kioti AE20-48 Plug Aerator for sale

    May I ask why you want or wanted to sell it? do you still have it?
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    router bit recommendations

    Right off not sure the brand from Lowes of router bits I bought in a kit but a major brand and I saver the cost of one or two bits. Has served me well. Now I am not a cabinet shop. But the last router bit I bought, bought at a local cabinet supply dealer. Prices were in line with Lowes or HD...