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    Oil & Fuel Oil coming from valve cover breather

    Hey 5030, what is the "bronze tint" you speak of due to using multigrade synthetic oils? I ask because I was thinking of switching to shell synthetic 5w40.
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    Fel Hydrolics

    Perhaps try calling a few dealers and maybe they can help you. Or maybe even post some pictures of the control valves with some identifiers and someone here might know.
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    Mahindra 2638 leaking hydrolic fluid from the backhoe attachment

    Not sure what the "cap plug" is but where the hydraulic hose attaches to the cylinder is an inlet. It is usually a threaded fitting. You should be able to loosen and remove that fitting and apply some teflon tape to the threads and reattach. Be prepared to make a mess with hydraulic fluid so use...
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    MX6000 water separator light coming on

    Another thing you could check is the bottom of the tank. If it's like the MX4700 the fuel line comes out of the tank a little above the bottom. Therefore, technically, it is the first water trap. I would put a clear siphon hose to the bottom of the tank and siphon some fuel out and see if you...
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    BH92 Seat

    Can you tell what the issue is? Is it binding at the hinge point?
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    BH92 Seat

    Have you made sure everything is lubricated? I have to say It is a pretty bad design!!
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    TYM T293 Lost Power After 20 Minutes Run time

    Please let us know how it goes.
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    BH92 Seat

    I have had to fix mine and reinforce the tabs at the back where the hinge is. I have often wanted a little more room as well but can't move the seat back without hitting the ROPS cross beam. Perhaps higher and back might work, not sure, would have to look at the machine again. Also don't want to...
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    Pondering swapping out my AG for a TLB

    I have heard the JD 110 TLB have some issues with the transmission case or bell housing cracking. Don't remember exactly. Google and you will see. Just make sure you are aware of it.
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    TYM T293 Lost Power After 20 Minutes Run time

    If you have water in the bowl then you have water in the tank. Diesel with water in it is never a good thing. Usually you have to empty and clean the tank, lines and fuel filter. Then purge the water from the injector pump and the injector lines. Best is to loosen the lines at the injectors and...
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    John Deere 870 engine/ transmission sound

    I believe your tractor is geared, does have a 2 stage clutch? Does the noise go away after depressing the clutch in either stage? Just trying to eliminate certain areas.
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    Oil & Fuel GC1715 Blowing hydraulic fluid

    What is the white crystal-like or foam at the top of the fill tube?
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    2004 B7610 will not start

    The cheapest way would be to just splice some wires in there and replace some of the connectors in the plug if you have to. You can usually find the little connectors if they are standard ones. You can google wiring harness pin connectors to find the right ones.
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    JD400 (circa 1975) Fuel Pump Leak

    Photos always help!!
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    which gear for bush hogging with ford 4000

    You kind of have to go by feel. It all depends on how high and thick the brush is. Also you have to consider how smooth the land is, having your mower bouncing around back there will surely guarantee repairs having to be made. You also want to be on the lookout for anything that might damage...