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    Total newbie putting an order together for a PT-1430

    Send some time and read old post on this site for the Power Tracs (you will not be able to get comparative information off this one post). A lot of valuable info!!! Remember when you say the backhoe "It costs $2300 with a thumb", you will get some or all of it back when you sell it in the end...
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    Rolled it over

    Yes, pictures please. It would be difficult for the engineers to communicate a "bad" weld to the people doing the welding. They typically use a specific size soft pin or bolts to act as a fuse. Like on the cheaper rotary cutter or post hole digger drive shaft yokes. But again this is a...
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    Modified muffler

    High security, I couldn't look at pictures
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    Engine shutoff without backfire.

    That is because the government emissions standards can't be met if the engine went to idle. So you shut it off at high rpm. Nobody cares how long it will last, you have no choice but to buy a new one (or learn how to move the carb throttle to a low speed for a short while before shutdown).
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    Engine shutoff without backfire.

    He explained how it happens. There is no spark, so how would timing come in to play?
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    Engine shutoff without backfire.

    IMHO you should idle the engine long enough to disperse the heat, so you can shut it down without a backfire or dieseling.
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    Well i broke it this time

    You don't have too much to loose trying to weld it back in place. If it dosent work, you buy a new one.
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    Subaru Robin EH65 Issues

    If you did it wrong (adjusted on high point of cam instead of low point) it would have a lot of slop in the rocker arms. One easy way to adjust the valves that I do sometimes is to adjust the opposite valve on a specific cylinder, that is all the way down. So if the intake valve is fully down...
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    Od Pt for sale, not mine, just passing it on. Looks like motor veh tires and rims
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    PT-425 50 Hour Service Issues

    My PT018 does not have room for the front fitting on that center link with the cover on. PT intended to move the rear fitting to the front, grease, then back again. I don't think spraying white grease into the hole will do what needs to be done. Make sure you have the bleeding process...
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    Predator yay or nay

    Bring yours to a professional to have your issue diagnosed. The engine may not need to be replaced. How much do you figure your tractor is worth? In the end would it be worth more with a Predator or Kohler engine?
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

    Not that this is you , but when a cylinder does not get the required maintenance (lubrication) at the swivel ends, they will start to chatter-squeek-groan and if left unattended, they will start to seize up and transfer the rotation to the cylinder, causing it to leak and bend. When you get...
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    PT-425 PTO Not Starting

    I would hate to do it, but when it is running with NO hoses attached to the connectors, flip the PTO switch for a fraction of a second and see if the engine lugs down. If it does your problem might be in the mower deck (hyd motor, shaft, etc).
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    Mower options for 1430

    I would be inclined to buy a quality finish mower and then size the hyds. Just remember you have to mount it backward, so it keeps to the correct direction it was designed to travel. You could shop and pick up a good used one for 1/4-1/2 the price of new. Not too many PT used attachments out...
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    Older better than newer?

    Hard to say, what is your age and how often do you use it? A new one will be more reliable. Do you use the backhoe a lot? A 400/1400 series is easier to get on and off, has a larger capacity hydraulic cooler for heavy use and you can use the front hoe for minor trench/digging work.