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    excavator pricing

    Unless you require a mini size for specific size related tasks, consider a mid size 10-12T or larger machine with a few more hours (& likely far less wear/ damage) as they have usually suffered less abuse. Minis are often owned/abused by unsympathetic operators who: -rarely maintain/grease the...
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    Avoid moisture/water sitting on the tractor/implements as much as possible (including too frequent washing ) & you'll limit rust. Moisture+Oxygen+Steel=Rust Minimise the H2O &/or Oxygen contact with the steel &most of the rust problem is solved. We only throughly clean farm equipment Twice/year...
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    customer services frustration

    Received the same parts customer 'attitude' from the local JD dealer when I purchased s/h JD elsewhere (because no suitable sized new or s/h machines available locally) - later invited by the same dealership to a demo day when ready to purchase new 150HP+ tractors, during the day gave great...
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    New BX2380 Owner

    And only remove the loader frame on level concrete, otherwise it's a big challenge to get the loader frame & tractor to line up...
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    Chains or caps?

    Try some shade cloth as a cheap & readily portable recovery mat - 2 sections each about 2 metres wide x 4-5metres long.
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    Chains or caps?

    Reasonably familiar with the Oberon Area & the mix of challenging country - the problem is 2WD tractor & your areas regular rainfall, colder Autum/Winter soil temperature combined with soils ability to hold deep moisture - unlikely to be resolved with changing tyres/chains. All depends on type...
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    Where to buy a tooth bar in Australia

    Art in Metal makes high quality toothbars & attachments for Kubota BXs & Bs in Australia - I would expect he should be able to fabricate a custom toothbar for any bucket:
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Try Penetrol - it's a multiuse Oil based product, it's uses include: - woood undercoat/preserver - paint additive for timber/metal - rust inhibitor/preventative on metal - marine applications I've used it with great success for everything from rust prevention on Agriculture/Earthmoving...
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    Rotary cutter preference

    I don't worry too much about the brand, just the quality of the implement & the best match for the tractor, 2nd hand often works out better value than new when seeking HD (as the saying goes they sure don't build them like they used to): - run a no name brand 3ft bush hog that's about 30yrs old...
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    Anyone ever built their own "bog mats"?

    When working in soft clay areas in drained dams I've used shade cloth successfully as a bog mat - just any cheap shade cloth by the roll will do. If especially damp/boggy also add/place small sapling trees at right angles across under/over the shade cloth & then wire the saplings together about...
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    PTO Wobble

    Suggest you check the indexing of your PTO driveshaft uni joints as they may be out of phase You may also wish to join Aussie/NZ Kubota BX Owners Facebook group as you'll find a lot of 'local' knowledge available for us Aussies.
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    3-Point Hitch Using Box blade With No Draft/Float Control

    For final finish if there's no draft control or hyd top link, try fitting a chain instead of a rigid top link - adjust the chain & box blade combo until the front sides are about 1-2" higher than the level of the rear cutting blade. The chain alllows the box blade to float & fill the contours -...
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    White /WFE Tractors

    After a PM request thought I'd start a thread for White/WFE Tractors: Here's a few photo's of our 2-180's & a 2-150 taking a rest at the back of one of the sheds-
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    Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw - Lost Power ?

    I'm trying to fix a Husky 455 that just about has us beat - the thing starts, runs & cuts fine for the first tank of fuel........but when hot from the second tank on just loses power & will not rev underload enough to get on the power band to cut with its usual power ( although it still starts...
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    Case SV185 Opinions/Experience ?

    We need to add another skid steer to our equipment & we're about to settle on a Case SV185 (with hiflow option) - hence seeking your opinions/experience with this machine prior to parting with our $'s. Our intented use is predominately contracting on light-medium duty roadside scrub clean...