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    B3350 and diesel particulate filter

    I'm going to offer some advice different from the others. RUN, don't walk from this tractor!
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    Help me Design Building for Tractors and Pickup

    No matter how big you make it, it will be too small.
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    Is Zerex GO5 compatible with Kubota Coolant

    2020 M5660 has the old fashioned green ethylene glycol stuff from the factory.
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    Welcome to JU Fabworks Custom Tractor Accessories!

    Welcome Jeff from my home base in Kalamazoo! Love your products but I think they are mostly for tractors a bit smaller than mine. Also love the fact that you work closely with Courtney. He's a righteous dude.
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    Why not a small PTO rock crusher?

    Look up mbmmllc on YouTube. The guy builds all sizes of jaw crushers for mining and recycling uses. Email him and I'm sure he could put a PTO shaft on one of them.
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    mahindra E-Max 25 HST

    If the part is $15,000 I'd scrap the tractor!
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    I always open the filter in the store to make sure it matches the box, this after the cashier did it for me and when I asked why she stated that people take the expensive filters and put them in a cheapo filter box and attempt to purchase it.
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    This has to be a record !!!

    Yep. The high end models break and turn into junk just as quickly as the entry level units so don't waste your money on all the wifi bullcrap.
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    PTO Safety Chain Clip Ripped Off

    Fortunately, my driveline never had chains on it. I let it spin and the motion tells my brain to stay away from it lest I get hurt.
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    Adjusting bottom plows

    Red Power magazine had an exhaustive article in the last couple of years that told exactly how to adjust and why.
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    Considering a Split Fire 48" Carry All PTO Bucket

    I got one of these:
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    Top Dressers

    Turfco stuff looks nice. Pricey I'll bet
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    Dearborn 10-156 2 Bottom Plow Auction Find

    Those Dearborn's are nice plows.
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    What about the engine on a combine harvester? They're mounted transverse on the unit just like my Toyota RAV4. The number one cylinder is on the end opposite the flywheel by the water pump and vibration damper pulley.
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    413 shear bolt grade

    I do. The OEM King Kutter driveline was a shear bolt only. I needed a longer driveline and got a used Walterscheid with a slip clutch. It attaches to the gearbox with the same shear bolt as the KK OEM driveline so I am in effect "running both."