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    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Too many mods and accessories to sell. A bit more Iron thickness around the bearing housing would have prevented this. I I owned an aerospace NC machine shop, I could sleeve it with a very complicated sleeve I could design using SW so it would be stronger than a new Housing. The programing and...
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    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Thanks, I found the Part, Ouch, $$$$
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    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Link does not work, I think you have to gave a username and password. In any case i figured it out
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    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Worse!! I'd consider buying an insurance claim, (fire etc.) on a Max 28 or 28 for the parts.
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    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Is anyone able to post .pdfs of the service manual pages related to removal and service of the real axle assembly? Parts list, exploded views etc.? I drove through into a hole, nothing huge, something hung up a bit,, and right after axle is loose and leaking oil. I hear some broke internally...
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    Max 28 won't start

    Check the bus bar for the glow plugs. Been nice if it were nickel plated copper or something.
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    Max 28 won't start

    Agree, If you want decent paint, plastic, wiring, decals that last, get a Kubota, or be handy with a Manindra.
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    Refurbishing an L45

    "a regular 250 without that package has a capacity of about 2200lbs" A XLT F-150 4X 4 Crew can be had with a payload package that with all those heavy options is goo for 2300-2400 actual payload, & tow about 12K or more. Package not available in a King Ranch, but I could not ever afford it...
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    Refurbishing an L45

    My Modded L39 weights about 8,100, 8,200 Lbs. with all the weighs reinforcements and stuff added. We have a trailer, built to spec. with 12K axles, nameplated 9.999lbs. With tractor, the trailer is 11,400lbs We pull it locally occasionally with a HD-150 also ordered to spec. I sure would not...
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    Aftermarket 3 Point hitch system? Kolpin Dirtworks 3-Point Hitch System - YouTube What do you think? I think...
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    Suddenly Max28 will not fire up, but cranks fine?

    Suddenly my 2013 Max28XL Shuttle will not fire up, cranks fine?? I use the tractor regularly, it has been firing up easily for over 3 years. Today it would not light up cranked. Cranks strong, and I tested battery and it is good. I'm Keeping batter charged. Glow Plugs seem to be cycling fine...
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    Waah_waah_Shoot!, broke glass bent door on my PC75UU2

    Tree won for once. Figure a used good doo would cost $4 figures, so Polycarbonate Scratch and UV Sheet and straighten door. How thick? where best place to buy? Darn stupid me.
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    Mahindra "Jeep" I think it could sell?

    The Mahindra Roxor Is a New Side-by-Side That Looks like a Jeep CJ-7 I wonder what its' low speed capability, it does have 2 speed trasfer case. Also did they considered making it a little dump Truck? How maneuverable will it be? Can it displace a good UTV? Kubota Introduces Gas-Powered...
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    Dagerous 18 Quart Heated Rubber Flat Back Bucket by Farm Innovators

    I hope our experience will save other people grief. at best a waste of money, worst case, it may kill your livestock A rubber heated watering bucket is a good idea, but this one is very poorly executed. The Plastic Heated buckets tend to crack in the cold or if mishandled. Black rubber also...
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    Mahindra propaganda

    Mahindra North America Introduces New Higher Horsepower Tractors Mahindra'''s Expanded Lineup for 218