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  • I posted in wanted steering parts and got a answer very soon. Good price but wants payment by pay-pal family and friends opt. Payment before shiping. Member is very new so is there a list of members that have been scammed or had trouble?
    Don't do it. If it's a scam, you will be screwed
    i've been involved with social media since the dial up BBS days. You are giving a great service. Don't let cancel culture bother your moderation. The moderation is necessary. I say this, in the voice of an old man. :)
    Problem I have is with PM's.
    -I don't get emails advising me of new PM's as I used to.
    -PM link (in the blue band) are hidden behind (on my 'puter) behind ( a red 'box' that has '12' showing)
    -the 12 messages are all very old ones and not even the newest showing when I click that box.
    -also how can I delete those old 12 messages? no delete button that I could find.
    Noticed problem today. All post menu items are greyed out, only preview icon is black
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