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    TC33da new holland[ford}

    I just bought the above tractor . I love it so far but would like to have aux hydraulic outlets, at least one. Does anyone have one or has anyone bought one for a tc33?
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    Briggs Question

    I know this isn't a lawn tractor, but the answer will apply to them. I have a Terrimite T5 with a Briggs 18 HP engine. A couple days ago the starter bendix went out. I got a new bendix yesterday and installed it this morning. Bear in mind that you have to remove the fuel tank, grill, then the...
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    I'm getting TBN on my new laptop by wifi and I don't have a router. Am I stealing or is it like an antenae for TV? Tell me what you think. later,Nat PS I'm out it the country, but within 1/2 mile of a high school as the crow flies
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    John Deere 40 finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forgot to take any before pics, but here are some finished pics. When I got it the hood was bent down in the midle, 2 flat tires, grill screen missing, tool box and battery covers missing, lower grill cowl broken off top section, no seat and it didn't run. The running problem was fixed by...
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    Southeast Old Time Threashers Reunion

    My brother and I went to the threashers reunion today in Denton NC. I heard someone say there were 3000 tractors there. I know there were a lot. The newest I saw was a 1965 806 Farmall that was nicer than it came from the factory the oldest That I saw a date on was 1916 Altman-Taylor. I'd bet...
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    Sargent York!

    A few weeks backs there was a post where someone had just watched the movie about Sargent York.The topic was on his farm in TN. I went to the Southeast Old Time Threashers Reunion today and made a couple pics of Sargent Yorks personal tractor the he bought new in 1958. Hope someone enjoys...
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    John Deere 40 standard

    I picked up a new toy today. A JD 40. It hadn't been started in nearly a year. One front tire was down, fuel tank was dry, but it has a new battery, so I put gas in it , hit the starter and it fired. I flooded it so I had to pull it 10 -15 feet and it started right up. I drove it onto the...
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    Red Hot Pokers??????

    Vickie planted some red hot poker plants a couple years ago. I don't know the proper name and realy don't care, we just like to see them. The attract a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds and the look nice. My problem is that they grow the spikes pretty long and they just fall over then they...
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    Need some math help!!!!!

    I picked up an old C Allis Chalmers tractor last week. It seems to be a pretty good old treactor. It has been converted to a 3PH. The hitch works good but the arms on the rock shaft are to long. The rockshaft arms stick out 14 1/2 " drom the center of the shaft to the center of the swivel eyes...
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    Allis Chalmers B and CA

    I have posted pics of the last B that I rehabbed, but none of the CA that I bought last summer. I didn't mess with it till winter and then repainted it and put a 3PH on it. This is a real good stout little tractor. It pulls a 2 bottom 14 " turning plow and runs my 5' bushhog well. It's hard to...
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    Big Cat Concrete mixer

    I guess this is a good place to vent. I bought a Big cat Mixer to mix small batches of mortar mix/ concrete. It has a 1/3 hp electric motor and a worn drive. I bought it at an estate sale and it had never been used, it cost me 95.00 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I took it home and...
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    can't proove it. but!!!!!

    this was sent to me today. It may not be true, but sure is a good story BEST LAWYER STORY OF THE YEAR, DECADE AND PROBABLY THE >> CENTURY >> >> > Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare >> and >> expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other...
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    Need some help!!!!

    I have been on this forum for years and " know" lots opf you are pretty good on computers, so I need some help. In the past I just logged on to TBN and every time I returned I was still logged on. Now however, I have to logon each time and I also have to refresh each page, cause the topic that...
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    127 cub cadet questions

    I have an old 127 Cub Cadet mower. It has a 12 hp Kohler engine that was getting pretty tired. It took a long time to get it started and it didn't have enough power so I tore it down to find the problem. The rings were wore badly and 1 was broken so I put new rings in. While I had it apart I...
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    Allis Chalmers B

    A while back I posted about a B- AC that I had bought. I thought it would be pretty rare as it had a Snap Coupled that was unuasal on a B, and the cultivators were a quick mount that I had never seen before. I finally got it finished except for the decals that should be here in the next day or...