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    Fuel Stabilizer for new Z Turn

    I have used Stabil for years works well;I used to pull my battery but no longer do;I pick a nice day and start the machine during our long winters in Northern NY.Power Service for the diesel and Stabil for the gas machines.
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    Flushing Hot Water Tank

    I flush ours every couple of years because we have very hard water;certainly is needed in our case.
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    Big bush hog

    Hired both,you want the forestry mulcher for sure;goes below ground, no stumps.
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    purchasing new propane direct vent Stove

    I have had a Vermont Castings Reliant for 20+ years,38K rated. Replaced the main gas valve a couple years ago.I start it in November and run until May or so,operates off a thermostat. They now are about $2400,this heats an add on room and is back up for the main house.Works with-out power.Mine...
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    A little teaser

    I am in no hurry to get started;my front plow is not on yet and only takes five minutes to change from bucket.Rear blade is on if needed. We got the same in Northern NY.
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    Do i hay or crops

    Lease it out to someone that already has the equipment.
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    Winter Chore Boots

    Switched from Muck(9-10 pairs) to DryShod;a little cheaper and hopefully more durable.I wear boots year round.
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    Thanks for helping me get this :)

    Very nice,enjoy.
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    allowed pushing with box blade

    Good way to break something expensive pushing backwards.No trip or give.
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    PTO Generator

    Lots of debate here on which way to go;I purchased a PTO 10k;I know my tractor will start and will have fuel.
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    Was going to say it looked like a deer farm buck,guess I was right.I would rather shoot a free ranging spike horn.
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    After a little research the Yanmars ARE built by Yamaha.Yamaha has been good to me.I doubt of the Yanmars are any cheaper.
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    Diesel fuel Anti-jell

    I have used PowerService year round for ten years with no problems.Cheap insurance.
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    Own a Kubota tractor but no interested in the RTV.Have owned and used all the major Japanese machine and currently have two Yamahas.They have the best engine braking system in the industry. Belt life is guaranteed for ten years. I have a three seater but they do make a six seat Viking.Put many...
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    Where are all my birds?

    Our birds are in short supply;lots of natural feed available right now.