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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I remove the auger and lower the gear head into an old tire sitting on a pallet to rest and be stable. A concrete block on edge under each 3 pt side pin yoke keeps them the correct height to unmount or remount the tractor 3 pt side bars. Number of tires may very with your tractor and digger...
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    Getting a new portable fuel tank.

    I'm still old fashioned, I guess. My 170 gallon tank on a stand was supplied by my fuel delivery company back in 1986 free of charge. The diesel fuel flows by gravity through the 10 foot hose to the shutoff handle, even to one of my tractors that has the fuel cap about 6 foot off the ground on...
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    3-Point Hitch Need advice on top link height with finishing mower

    9stott and bilneif together have it right. When the mower is on level ground with the tractor the top swivel pin is supposed to be even with the lower link pins ( forward and back) The front of the bracket pinned to the upper link will be lower than the pivot point on the mower.. This is so the...
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    RK37 AC

    Since Chesternate has not updated his fix yet, I would like to report that I fixed my RK55 this afternoon which had the same problem of blowing air hotter than the air outside the cab with the AC on full and fans at highest speed. I had the same condition of the compressor clutch being engaged...
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    RK37 AC

    Thinking about the electric heat after discovering it in the manual. The mention of somebody in this thread or another that they somehow pulled/turned the dampener cable with pliers or something because the knob didn't work, really threw me off in trying to figure out the problem. After finding...
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    Shear Bolt Broke On New Deck. PTO Shaft & Gear Box Holes Don't Align.

    I use Nyloc nuts rather than jamming 2 nuts. They are usually laying on the mower after breaking off and can be used again.
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    RK37 AC

    Electric heat surprised me a little too looking through the manual. I haven't really had time to get into it yet. Had to mow a large horse pasture this morning. Luckily the outside air was much cooler today but the cab still got hot after an hour or so with all the windows and roof open. I am...
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    Shear Bolt Broke On New Deck. PTO Shaft & Gear Box Holes Don't Align.

    Frontier used to be made by Woods maybe still is after Woods was taken on by an international company. I've used a Woods RM 990 ( 7-1/2 foot) that I purchased new in 1988 for thousands of hours. I've replaced the shear pin several times ( grade 2, I don't have a slip clutch) I suspect your grade...
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    RK37 AC

    Did you ever find a fix for this? My RK55 which is a little over 2 years old developed the same hot air only problem a couple days ago. I have 460 hours on it and it ran very cold during the summers for the past 2 years. The other day, a 90 degree day, it got super hot in the cab with the ac on...
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    Stuck PTO shaft

    One other thing to be aware of.... I had the same problem with the shaft on my Woods 990 mower for years. Did all the above plus checking for burs and bumps on the shaft ends. It would still get stuck on a regular basis, usually about an inch or two from enough length to put it on the PTO shaft...
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    Wandering right hand steering Ford 4110

    Is your tractor 2 WD with adjustable wheel widths? If it is you probably have a center axle with various holes in it to widen or shorten the wheel width. I broke an axle like this on my 3910. Ordered a new one but it is not available as an OEM part anymore. So they ordered some foreign made...
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    At least you didn't have to lay your hose across an active RR track. I'm no fireman, but I don't think this would work.:confused3:
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    Spindle Shaft Bearings Finish Mower

    My 15 year old Woods 990 finish mower, estimated 2000 hours since I bought it new, developed a strange roaring sound this week. I shut it down immediately, fearing gearbox problems. After checking everything I have determined that the left blade spindle shaft, looking at it from behind the...
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    Cool Seat

    Has anyone come up with a workable solution to having a cool seat in this hot humid weather on an open tractor? I try to do as much in early morning and evening as possible but too much to do to waste the hot daylight hours by not using the tractor then. Even with a canopy, which helps alot...