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    Converting Unleaded Gas Transfer Tank To Diesel

    No. Did you try heating up the sticker with a heat gun or hair dryer and peel it at the same time.....
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    Backhoe Bucket Compatibility..

    I would just use what you have and get some sand to put over and under the gas line.........
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    RX8030 leaked water from air vent

    My guess blocked drain.....
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    FEL lubrication - has to be a better way

    I just grease that's all.............
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    Kubota 3 Point

    I will start the bidding 20 bucks free shipping....;)
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    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Looks welded to the mount.....
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    Hello Everyone. New to the forum.

    Welcome to TBN...:)
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    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Did you try to unscrew it from the bottom of the radiator bracket the nut might be welded....
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    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Whats the new part (16)look like does it have a threaded stud through it....
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    What does this lever do?

    It locks the loader joy stick....
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    Leaking front axle seals, advice on the proper way to disassemble nut?

    I would use a punch and tap it out of the keyway....
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    LK 3054 parts cracked shift cover

    You need more than a cover the trans is also cracked...
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    When do you replace tires?

    If it was mine I would replace all 4 tires....:)
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    Cable excavator at work.

    Cool,thanks for posting