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    Ground Hogs

    I shot over 40 of them the first year we moved to this property. The number dwindled down every year as they got smarter. Now I rarely even see them. I use a .22 in the field and a 20 gauge if close to the house. I always said, if they live in the woods they are a woodchuck, and if they come...
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    Ground Hogs

    I'm with Hay Dude and Dodge Man, I try and shoot every one of them I see. I've heard the young ones are OK to eat, but I'm not trying
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    Smart Kid.....and good advice from Dad.
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    Good point on the tires. Corvettes usually sport run-flat tires, but you wouldn't necessarily need them, especially if you had AAA. There is no spare though, so that's something to think about.
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    That seems like a fair price if the car is in decent shape.
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    Here are some threads regarding the opti spark system.
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    What are they asking for it? I would think it would be something fairly well south of $10,000. Only real issue we ever had with ours was a leak in the weather stripping around the targa top. We had the weather stripping replaced and they broke the glass in the targa top during the process...
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe?

    I will say one thing negative about the C4 is that our 1985 rode like a buckboard. Not sure if the suspension changed by the time 1992 rolled around.
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    Feedback on a 92 Corvette Hatch back coupe? We've owned a 1985, a 2007, and we now own a 2017 Grandsport. I'd advise that you go to the site linked above, visit the C4 section to ask any car related questions. As to insurance, it depends. Ours 2017 is actually our cheapest vehicle to insure at our...
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    Praying for the best for your Grandson and his wife and am glad they came through it without any physical harm. Our family witnessed the damage a tornado can cause, having gone through the 1979 Wichita Falls tornado. Terrible stuff.
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    Ideas, tree choices, landscape?

    The Hawthorne you have listed as a choice describes the needles as "small and inconspicuous, but still there". There were several Hawthorne trees surrounding our lawn when we moved here. At first, I loved them, beautiful blooms in the spring and the birds loved to hide in them. Ours had needles...
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    Post your favorite winter time stew or soup (Bonus points if it's easy)

    Lol, I think the guys from Texas may take offense to the beans, but I agree, it looks like a nice quick and easy Chili recipe. I like to make Chili too (and also use beans), but mine is never the same twice, and is not nearly as simple.
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    Are there any other good forums around that you know of

    Hard to tell what type of forum you might be interested in. I belong to the Corvette forum because I own a Corvette. It's a good forum and the moderation is not too heavy handed. They have "Off Topic" and "Politics and Religion" sections that are pretty much wide open, compared to TBN anyway...
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    Groan part quatre

    Pretty sure the guy in the Unicorn suit goes around the entire neighborhood snowblowing all of the sidewalks.
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    Things we still hope can be brought over from last year's change

    Red Eyeball thingy works for me now. Just had to check the boxes underlined in red below.