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    Fatal chipper accident

    I don't know how much different the chippers today are, but the one I used a long time ago to clear out the area for my dad's barn, would rip the branches out of your hands as the feed rollers got them, and in a flash they would be gone. You really needed to wear gloves, because it would sting...
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    GC2300/2350FEL help. owners manual doesn't match my equipment. rtfm

    It's an inside joke between Irving and I. Yes, it's mostly luck. Everyone wishes a certain part was built better. But frankly, For what these cost, (especially the original models), you can't expect it to be completely bullet proof. I've been satisfied with mine, aside from the...
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    GC2300/2350FEL help. owners manual doesn't match my equipment. rtfm

    I still have all the original hydraulic hoses, the original ground strap, and my muffler hasn't had to be welded. 😝
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    Painting YM-146 Clearcoat or no clearcoat any advice

    Lots of misconceptions about paint. If you are using spray cans, or other low end products, i.e. industrial enamels, whether you clear it or not, it's still cheap paint. It's still a soluble finish, which means it can be softened with solvent. It can be fine for farm implements, and misc...
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    Been there, done that.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    A helicopter, that's it. I have everything else I want. Oh, and fuel, lots of fuel. A helicopter, and lots of fuel, that's it. Oh, and a hangar to keep it in. A helicopter, lots of fuel, and a hangar, that's it. Some spare parts to keep it flying, would be nice too. They are really...
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    Approaching first 50 hours

    Again, gear oil is rated on a completely different scale, than crankcase oil. Most people make the incorrect assumption gear oil is heavier, given the higher weight numbers. That's not automatically true. The other thing most people don't understand is, the actual viscosity of oils vary a lot...
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    Approaching first 50 hours

    The highest level of protection you can get, would be synthetic "EP" designated, gear lube. Yes, it's overkill. But, it's two quarts, so it's not a big expense. 80-90w range should be fine. No, it's not really thinker than the transmission oil. Gear lube is not measured on the same scale...
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    So, you're doing your tractor thing in a cherry orchard and there's this helicopter ....

    I don't wear noise cancelling headphones either. Once, I had a friend who thought it was funny to come up right behind me in his helicopter, while I was mowing. I only noticed he was there, when his shadow overtook me and I turned around to see what was going on. There wouldn't have been...
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    Approaching first 50 hours

    MF has finally joined the 21st century, and eliminated the 50 hr. oil change on the transmission? Good. The 50 hour was called for to remove debris from assembly. If they do their jobs properly, and clean everything before assembly, it's unnecessary. There are also three different mechanisms...
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    GC2300 parking brake system, how does it work?

    I believe you can lock it with the brake pedal down a little, or a lot. It is a wet brake inside the transmission. How well it holds, is somewhat dependent on how often someone drove it with the parking brake engaged. Because of the design, this happens a lot.
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    GC2300 parking brake system, how does it work?

    To be clear, you do understand that lever is only the lock, and you first have to depress the brake pedal?
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    1725 takes a while to start

    The most important thing you need to do at 50 hrs, is to locate ALL grease fittings, and make sure they are properly lubed. Especially, if you have a TLB. You need to find the ones the kid at the dealer missed when they did the "prep". Which is always the most common complaint. And, it's exactly...
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    Flux Core Amps vs thickness

    You can post the sky is blue on TBN, and someone will tell you that's wrong. Enjoy your 110 volt welder.
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    Snow plow on FEL

    Feel free to plow at high speeds if you like. Whatever rig you use, it's much more likely to get damaged when you do it. That's was my point. Everyone disagrees with the angle of the plow is causing the turning. Then they try it. The clue is, that the tractor doesn't turn until you angled the...