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    Backhoe for my mt352

    you can google for them. several to choose from
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    Tire Chains

    pics please
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    Disposing of the batteries or recycling? why dispose of the contents that can be reused?
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    TroyBilt Horse tines!

    valley power in va. the horse had two sets offered, standard and hd. Valley Power is one of the original factory dealers. Awsume people to deal with
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    Woodland Mills sawmill trailer stability.

    i would say 19" in front of the axle makes better sense
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    Did I Stumble On Gold?????

    Havnt shot a 22 for a very long time. I have (since pre Covid) seen a 22lr round for sale since. Sportsmans had a full page ad for 22lr 250 round box for $19.99 about a year ago. Went to the website and none available. Still none See SGammo has 500 for $100.00 and 1000 for $200.00 20 cents a...
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    The loader on my 1528 (FL1520) can't find the float position

    it may not have one.. or some float levers are hard to push (engauge) try pushing the lever harder. They make them hard so you wont goto float by mistake.
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    Storage/tool box for chainsaw related items?

    If you arnt storing your saw in the box as well... the Dewalt TSTAK boxes are very strong and waterproof. Stackable as well
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    Storage/tool box for chainsaw related items?

    doesnt sound like its easy to lift in and out.
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    Near us directly they have recently built i believe 37 wind generators with more planned. Along the I-90 There are several established windmill farms. Talk of adding more. Also in the works will be solar panel farms (May 2 2021. Solar farms are booming in Washington State. Quote Seattle...
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    has anybody done a deep dive into the Ford Lightning? Sounds like a great fit for us.
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    Float option routing

    google= 4 way tractor valve with float or any hydraulic shop or any tractor dealer.
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    Float option routing

    you need a control valve with float builtin
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    NGO company refurbisher?

    I bought a 6000lb New Holland brand new with 0 hours, 2 year warranty and 30+ years newer for only a couple thousand dollars more. No shipping and local parts and service. Not seeing any benefit in yours for the money
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    Need info on rotary tiller for my specific needs

    for what you have to till get as big a tiller as you can handle. you might also look at Betstco tillers. They have 3 grades of tillers. Free shipping and work really well. Quite happy with mine