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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Yeah, that happened to me while testing new chevron type tires on my ZD326, although it didn't go over. Unfortunately it's counter intuitive (for me anyway) to pull the control bars back when the front end rears up. Going sideways on slopes I always make a mental note of what I'm going to do...
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    New 4052m Hydraulic temp light.

    I think you're going to need to trust the dealer on their assessment. My previous Kubota hst would get close to 200 degrees when worked hard, and I was never able to get an ironclad answer as to what was too hot. Various discussions here would seem to indicate that 180-200+ is not unusual across...
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    Rear wheel spacers

    Wheel spacers are a great addition for stability on slopes. I added 2" spacers and filled rears on my ZD mower for a 28-30 degree slope I mow. It went from "no way", to regular gut wrenching work. My point being that spacers and weight don't make a machine roll over proof. I used BORA Spacers...
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    BR 800 C-E MAGNUM reviews

    I have a BR700, which is a step or two down from the 800. It's been a great blower over the past several years. For the occasions I need to spread out grass clippings and clumped grass, the larger blowers save me a lot of time.
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    Mahindra 5010 cab need heavy duty alternator

    The 60a alternator on my Kubota cab tractor doesn't have much output (if any) below 1000rpm engine speed or so. Are you experiencing these issues at idle?
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    Load box for portable generator

    I generally load my portable generator at 50% for maintenance runs. (2) 1500w heater fans with hi/med/lo to get to about 50% on 2k and 3.5k inverter generators. I believe that is what the manual recommended when I had a previous Generac.
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    2019 Mahindra emax 22s oil

    I have done plenty of first oil changes on diesels and gas engines, and have never seen the oil come out as you describe. Diesels (particularly older) will blacken the oil after a few hours, but that has nothing to do with the first oil change interval. Consider sending a sample of the original...
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    kubota rtv x900 won't move after being serviced

    If the transmission suction filter is either sucking air, or defective, it will result in the symptoms you describe. I would check for a doubled up gasket, then consider replacing the suction filter. Try putting the old filter back on and see if the symptoms resolve. I put an aftermarket...
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    Pulled The Trigger On A ZD1211

    The folks that have the air ride seat swear by them. I think they are available as an option for the zd1211. I have been comfortable enough on the stock spring seat.
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    How hot is too hot?

    Almost certainly the result of the dirt in the radiator fins. I blow the radiator out on my ZD mowers after every use, the tractor once in a while. Blow out what you can, then flush the exterior with water. I've never used soap or other cleaners, but I suspect it would help. They also make a...
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    Liquid in tires

    I have my rears filled for added weight and traction plowing snow. I believe mine are filled with an alcohol based fluid. I think loaded rears are a good idea on any loader tractor, plus added 3 point ballast as required.
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    Storage in tube in loader

    That's where I store my "oh crap" shovel when I'm out plowing snow.
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    Phone mount/holder?

    Ram Mounts makes a wide variety of phone mounts. I use a cup holder mount in my truck, and a mount that clamps around an interior round bar on the door of the tractor.
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    Kubota BX1500 - Why no fuel/water separator?

    My ZD mowers use the same filters without a separator. Water in the fuel will cause anything from mild performance problems, to not running at all. Non common rail injection systems are more tolerant of damage from water contaminated fuel than high pressure common rail systems. I filter my fuel...
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    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    I just trashed a blade on my 72" zero turn. Clipped some decorative river rocks... twice. Not that big of a deal, but I'm very particular about keeping my blades neatly sharpened.