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    Tires Front rim 2wd bolt pattern for a L2500 or simular L tractor

    Can someone post the bolt\pilot pattern for an L series 2wd. I'm pretty sure the bolt pattern is 6" but I need to know the pilot diameter. I'm looking to see if some JD 15" rims will fit on my L2500. My tractor is not close at the moment. :( Thanks, Rob
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    It was bound to happen...

    The weekend place got hit about a month ago. They made 3 trips as far as I can tell. I had an IR game cam up in the back. Got a great shot of the front of the car and a perp but it's all whited out because they had the headlights on. Got one atv, bunch of tools, guns. There was a male and...
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    Using my dirt scoop

    No FEL on my tractor but the little dirt scoop that could worked fine. I wanted to build a little raised garden/bed near the house...within range of the sprinkler system since it's a weekend place. Worked like a champ. I did leave one side open so I could back in. My dirt was already...
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    Telescoping lift year later

    Little over a year ago I built my on arms. Something I would do again! Here is the original post... But 1 year later I needed to make some upgrades. While I don't put as many hours on my tractor...
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    Rake Anyone ever used their rake to push?

    I flipped my little homemade rake around this past weekend. It'll straight pull or push. Pushing was very useful as I was moving leaves and pine needles back into the brush clearing a playground/park area left over from Ike. I skidded several big trees out after I chopped them up a bit...
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    Mowing down coastal for a runway..

    My neighbor has this really nice hill, mostly coastal but it could use a little work with the weeds, fertilizer, lime, etc. He'll never do anything because around here no one will hay your field for free. The owner has to get it in shape first and maintain it, no one wants hay with weeds and...
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    Converting a Side Discharge FM to rear..

    Ok so I guess no one has tried this as the response was overwhelming here.... So winter time is here or not much more grass cutting time is here so the deed is done. :D I brought the FM home this...
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    Fly bys of the weekend place..

    Just getting into some the electric park flyers for the first time. Little 1 ounce video camera mounted on top of the wing. Lots of fun. You don't realize how big the trees are until you are up there. I need to come in from a different angle and further back next time. I actually had a...
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    Food plots, the 3 week update....

    A few pictures for those who loke to look. It's been 3 weeks. I think the only rain we got was a little from Ike. I had 5 inches in my gauge and I last dumped the gauge 9/7. In this first batch you can clearly see the area where I over the broadcasted seed with the disk about 4 inches...
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    Rear Finish Mower Anyone ever convert a side discharge RFM to a rear discharge?

    Some of the baffling in my Woods RM360 has come out and I'm looking at a conversion to a rear discharge. I found some pics on the web, looks like the baffles on a rear discharge are up front, and a half circle around the blades. My side discharge the baffles are in the rear and the grass...
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    Food Plots - Finished up this weekend

    Ok the wrap up on food plots for 2008. And some fun tractor pics to boot! Went over to the same place again, not much rain in the last 2 weeks and my lightweight disc did get in like it did before. I put the weight on and it helped some but then took it off, just to much. Got 3 bags of...
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    Briggs Intec POS engines

    Just wanted to pass on some Briggs engine info that I've been dealing with. I bought a 21" snapper in 2003 with the 6.75hp Briggs Intec engine. The engine was crap from the beginning, hard starting, uses a lot of gas, etc. My previous snapper had a 4hp Briggs and lasted 17 years. And we have...
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    Food Plot time again..

    I love the smell of chopped goatweed in the morning!!
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    Another Gauge Wheel Topic

    Ok I'm not the biggest guage wheel fan (maybe because I don't have any :D), but I was leveling a small plot this weekend and got to really looking close at what would happened if I had wheels. Up to now I've mostly used the rake to pile up sticks, trash, and smooth out some iron ore that pea...
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    Today I paid $10.35 for a 50# bag of deer corn!

    I'm speechless and typeless.