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    Wooden Fence Posts

    A picture of what?
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    Why not Bama jelly? Would it be too sweet?
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    I've never paid more than 600 for a horse, much less that much to put him up.
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Just cut up a live stock panel and use the rods for shear pins. Been doing that as long as they been making panels. Never fixed any pto. Fenced hundreds of acres. Fencing 200 more after it cools off. T posts are here already.
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    Mower deck wheels???

    Caster is what you mean. Just helping to get your point across.
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    loader curl cylinder leak?

    I dont ever leave a loaded pallet lifted. I sit it down soon as I stop moving. We have six big tractors here and I don't think even the newest one will hold a load too long. Get a forklift if you need that. Tractors ain't forklifts. Mine bangs and flops too so I usually take it off when...
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    Mower deck wheels???

    Offset from centerline of pivot point?
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    hyd cyl repair

    First, it doesn't look oily enough. Stand barrel on floor and put rod and piston on top of the barrel where it's supposed to go. Wiggle in a circular motion like it your waist spinning a hula hoop. Only about a half inch each way. Piston will drop right in. I've done thousands that way. If...
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    Ford 1920 will not go into gear

    We've had a 1900 since new in 1980. Never any clutch problems. Two water pumps, radiator, o ring for lift is all that's happened since 1980. It was the only tractor plowing 40 acres for 8 years. Grandad plowed a forty and truck patched.
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    Pot metal repair

    Them hobo frate propane torch rods would do it.
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    Marking your tools

    I mark mine as the ones behind the lock.
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    JD 1140 Hydraulic Pump noise

    That's when the load is off. When it in a bind, not loose because it is trying to pump. Drive shafts and u joints are the same. Only make noise when coasting, no drive load on shaft.
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    Where to find SYP lumber in SW PA?

    Here in SYP land, we try to use SPF. Pine sawmills all over down here. # 1 SYP goes overseas. I built a house for a guy at the sawmill. Got a bundle of 2x12x20 without a single knot or flaw. They do exist.
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    which gear for bush hogging with ford 4000

    It's just 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Low is the first four and high is the second four. Granny has nothing to do with it. Granny gears were trucks with a 6:1 or lower first gear. The rest were normally spaced.
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    Brake lines are double flares. National Inverted Flare