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    Bobcat 450

    I just picked up a baby bobcat for cleaning out the old basement barn. Anyone have a pdf of the service manual they can send me. Looking for service info (fluids change, greese points) as well as adjustment because it creeps.
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    Mounting tires

    I've been around the block a time or two. I've mounted my fair share of troublesome tires. Wheelbarrows, yard carts, lawmowers you name it. However I have never had to mount one of the large rear R4 titans on my class 2 CUT. This past week was my first (unpleasant) experience having to...
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    TC 33 3pt issue

    the 3pt control on my TC33 has gotten.... odd? The 3pt lever is supposed to have the positional type valve. SO that the lever has a 6" stroke the top of the lever corresponds to the top of the 3pt travel, middle = middle hitch height, bottom is bottom and so on. The hitch has gotten...
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    Moving from 2001 E350 to 2013 F150

    So the time finally came. Time to update the ol 2001 1ton van. First on the list of reasons - the wife was tired of getting stuck in the winter trying to get hay out of fields in the 2wd van. The new ride is a 2013 F150 3.5l ecoboost Fx4. The above is 32 sq's and two 6' rounds I've...
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    Mahindra Roxor "jeep"

    What are the odds i could buy a C5 tub(title) on craigslist and it would bolt up to the Roxor frame for a street legal version?
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    TC33D dash

    I have a odd dash issue that shows up intermittently. Usually just after starting the dash needles max out. fuel max - tack does not work. Sometimes the dash "sticks" in this condition other times ill look down some minutes later and everything is reading as it should. Other times after...
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    Buying a 3-5 year old truck

    The time to update the tow vehicle has come. The wife has complained about needing 4wd for the last time when we go get hay on the trailer for the goats. That and the existing 2001 E350 is getting a bit long in the tooth with 225K on it. On the short list is a 2011-2013 Toyota Tundra...
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    got tongue weight?

    lets remember why its important to have that 10-15% tongue weight (bumper pull)
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    My Ice storm/ generator lessons

    The peoria area was hit with 1/8" of freezeing rain (ice). We had had 2-3" of rain before that and the ground was well past saturated. Then the morning of the ice we also had 30mph winds. That combo (soft soils, heavy trees and wind) ment power lines, poles and trees came down. We were...
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    moble scales

    I live at a location that is perfect for the local sheriff to setup the mobile scales. They do this bout 3-4 times a year from what i can tell. This morning was one of those times. Of note this morning was the line of "commercial" trucks with trailers he had pulled over. These type thats...
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    Trailer for this project?

    Could go in the projects..... this is on CL for $1000. 32' bucket lift Lets say, we bought a 4x8 utility trailer for it. mounted it over the axle. Built some outriggers and used some trailer jacks as levelers. Hydraulics provided by the tractor that pulls the trailer around the...
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    the all in one trailer?

    Finnally an answer to my "want a dump and a flatbed but dont want to trailers" thats a 14' dump 6' flat. perhaps a 16' dump 4' flat. no sides on the rear and standard 60/40 split for axles and im sold! FYI the want $9500 for the above
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    ATV trailer

    anyone think its worth trying to modify this (which i already have) into this (which is more of what i want)
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    Thoughts on 02 2500HD

    2002 Duramax 2500HD 4door 4wd. pros and cons for this year truck? (i know nothing about them and have no brand loyalty to any flavor) Listed at $9K private sale.
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    Must remove the hitch?

    I thought we had discussed this recently. I looked for a thread but didn't find one quickly so... new thread. Had a guy at work this past week knock his shin on a hitch in the parking lot and report an injury because of it. This prompted the company to release a company wide email pointing...