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    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    New machines have Kohler engines. Power trac sells the parts to swap a 25 hp Robin to a 25 hp Kohler, so they probably have kits for the 22 hp machines too. They are pretty easy to swap out. It is a night and day difference between the Robin and the Kohler. The 25 hp Robin is no longer made...
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    Older better than newer?

    I own a 2001 PT2422 that has been converted to a 2425 and a newer 2015 PT2425. Both machines were bought used. The 2001 was pretty beat when I got it. The 2015 is basically new. A word of warning. Your backhoe will not fit the newer machines. The bottom side of the attachment plate is the...
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    1430 wheel motor cross reference

    My 1999 PT1430 uses char lynn 105-1007-006 wheel motors
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    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    you might try bleeding the hydraulic system just to make sure there air didn't somehow get into the system. It could also be ice in the hydraulic lines. I am not familiar with the newer 1430's. Does it have a hydroback with a cable attached to the foot pedals or does it have a valve at the...
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    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    Mine is among the opinions that vary. Half the price of new (currently $ 5,800 for the machine plus money for the attachments) is a starting point, but is a bit overly optimistic. I have purchased 3 used Power Tracs, two within the past year. I paid well under 1/2 of new price. Lack of brand...
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    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    If you decided to tow it out of the barn, call Power Trac first and have them help you locate the tow valve. If you try to tow one of these machines without opening the tow valve, you will ruin the hydraulic pump.
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    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    The robin engines hate cold weather. Below 40 degrees they are almost impossible to start. If the machine is cold, this might be your issue. I may be interested if you decide to sell it.
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    PT1430 vs PT2430 NEED Advice

    good advice above about the slope capabilities vs lift height above. I have a 425 and a 1430. I had the same problem as you with a pile of 425 attachments. I cut down the attachment plate on the 1430 to accept the 425 attachments and welded the smaller attachment plates to the 1430...
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    Chaining down a Power Trac

    The trailer jack mounts are an interesting modification. I may borrow that idea.
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    Chaining down a Power Trac

    I use four ratchet straps to tie down my machines. Two front and two back. Front straps go around the cross supports of the loader arm. Back straps go to the hitch pin and/or the drain holes on the bottom of the tub. I personally would not run chains over any of the wheel motor mounts. I...
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    Does anyone use aw32

    From what I have seen and from conversations with Power Trac, the front right wheel motor is the "first" (for lack of a better term) in the hydraulic circuit so it takes the most abuse in a pressure spike. Back right is "second", back left is "third" and front right is "fourth". On my...
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    Does anyone use aw32

    I have been running generic Napa Hytrans Ultra in my machines for a few years now. I do not notice any difference in operation or performance. As I think about it while typing this, I don't think I have replaced a wheel motor on my 425 since I switched it over. I used to blow the seals on...
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    2xxx series users??

    I have a 425, 2425 and a 1430. The bulk of my experience (16 years full time landscaping and snow removal) is on the 425. I only have 20 or so hours on the 2425, but have a fair idea of the pros and cons of it versus the 425. 2425 has better cutting edge visibility from the seat and is, of...
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    Add A Grapple?

    I would buy the root grapple. As others have stated adding a grapple to a PT bucket would not be nearly as useful. The sides of the bucket make it difficult to grab awkward, oversized objects. The most common use of solid bottomed grapple buckets is moving scrap steel or construction debris...
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    Planning a PT-425

    Lots of good advice here especially about getting the pallet forks. Just in case you are interested, I am selling some used attachments in Minnesota including a pivot auger head with 9" bit and a snowblade. Look for the thread on this page about t-8 attachments for sale in Minnesota for more info.