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    Getting rid of a bumpy 4 acre yard

    I just re-covered my slightly sinking field lines in my front yard after 16 years - my lines are the 10" pipe type so were fairly large ditches. They had sunken just a few inches over the years as they settled but made it more work to cut the grass to match the rest of the yard. I had to make a...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    If you go with scaffolding, getting the first tier safely set and levelled is the key. I was always sure to have 4 of the levelling jacks and do what needed to be done to get each leg on a SOLID piece of 2x10 or 2x12 on the ground. The next flights up will go well after that. The ones I've used...
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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Have been using the joystick on my Country Clipper for 7 years now. I can't understand why anyone would rather use the 2 sticks to operate a mower - would be totally uncomfortable after a couple hours in the seat.
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    Mahindra 5010 cab need heavy duty alternator

    Might see if you can get a larger pulley for your current alternator.
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    Have seen it many times from lesser quality machine shops in automotive - they don't grind the valve stems down after grinding the valves & seats and/or improperly installed seats.
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    Dump Trailer Battery

    If you don't have a battery in the trailer and the trailer breaks away from the truck you will not have break-away brakes unless those 2 ga. wires are still attached and dragging the trailer along still ...
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Wonderwood for a good, basic heater that will take up to a 24" stick and has a rudimentary thermostat. I installed a standard 4" dryer vent in the wall down low behind my woodstove for air intake. Just removed the flap inside and installed some galvanized screen to keep critters out.
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    Cutting up white oak tree

    I have no facts to back me up but I think that the oaks are notorius for drawing minerals from the ground and having it throughout the wood. I have heard a few loggers and sawyers around here mention trees that had a lot of mineral in them and the sawmills sometimes won't even take them. I have...
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    Help me out with a choice on electric fencing

    I've been using a deep cycle Interstate battery on my fence for over 5 years now with a 10 watt panel with charge regulator I bought off Amazon. It's on for about 8 months out of the year and has worked very well, even thru many days of cloud cover in between. I bring it inside the shed for the...
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    Kioti LB1914 30 amp "slow blow" fuse burned twice - can't find cause

    In automotive repair I had several different capacity circuit breakers made up with pigtails with the spade terminals that are the same size as the spades on the fuse and used them to keep from wasting so many fuses in diagnosis. By the sounds of it though you'd better be careful if you let some...
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    Ferris IS2100z no power to left wheel

    Seems logical a piece of something (maybe a stick?) got to your fan blade so maybe it also caught on the brake linkage momentarily for that same drive and bound it up then got dislodged on it's own.
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    If you have good traction on your drive tires and know how to operate your mower the majority of hills aren't a problem with a ZT.
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    Dump trailer crack in oil reservoir

    Surplus Center has hydraulic oil tanks and accessories.
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    What you all use for tomato cages?

    Been using 5' high 2x4 welded fence on T-posts for the past 15 years. I have a post about every 5 ft. Got a 20' section this year but have had several at a time in years past. I leave them in the garden for several years at a time before moving it (them) around some. I leave the bottom of the...
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    F250 4x4 6.2 vs 7.3?

    My early '99 7.3 in an extra cab short bed 4x4 has always gotten right at 17 mpg average. It's the automatic with 3.73 rear. Pulling a fully loaded 14k gooseneck it got right at 15 mpg.