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    TC55DA inner air filter $225 from Messicks????

    Wvh Try long lane tractors in Elizabethtown pa for your fender last time I looked they had a few tc 35,40 ,45 in there. It's a NH Ford wrecking yard. 🍻
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    Jon Boat motor

    A jaxs said 9.9 is the limit on many lakes and revivors which raises the price of them. I bought an older 20 hp for half the price of a 9.9. That gave my 14' semi v a real giddy up.🍻
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    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    To fast a feed rate will also kill a blade. Like xr said thin material must be well supported so you don't pinch the kerf. That will pop the teeth right off. I use stick wax for lube seems to help the blade last longer. Diablo steel demons have served me well. 🍻
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    which sanding pads?

    What is the brand and type of stain. Stains weather oil or water soak into the wood and should never peel. Only top coats peel. Does it have a sealer in the stain? Show pictures of what u want to remove. Most outdoor stains are made to be reapplied many times over without sanding between...
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    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Good to see everything was wrong with a Vega start to finish. 🍻
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    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    At least 1 black racer per year. Moles and shrews here and there. Small plethora of lacrosse balls. 🍻
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    BIY tooth bar - CRS/Mild Steel ok? abbrasive resistant metal a must?

    Made my removeable tooth bar with buying bucket teeth $50 a piece and a piece of scrap steel laying around the shop. It's easily removeable with 2 bolts that tie into the sides of the bucket. Couple hours work, couple of buds, worth its weight in gold. 🍻
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    EC35 new holland

    Digger in work had one which I ran numerous times. Liked the machine a lot, plenty of power, roomy cab, switch between cat and Deere controls. They are known for having electrical gremlins. I would rather have a Tak or Yanny but opinions are like a hole everybody got one. If the price is right...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Dam Amish think can build everything. 🍻
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    Where are the locations of any zerk fittings on a 2002 TC40?

    More Zerks, more grease, longer the tractor will live. Cheap chineasum crap you barely see any zerks .Thats one way of telling a well-engineered piece of equipment from a POS. 🍻
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    TC45DA ROPS Lights

    Long lane tractor in Elizabethtown PA. is a NH graveyard check with them. 🍻
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    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    One thing missing from the Mini telehandler infomercial is rocks. I would like to see it dig like that when you dig down 6" and start hitting rocks the size of that bucket like in these parts. Anything can dig in soil like that. 🍻
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    Did not come with telescoping links or brush guard. Brush guard was an option on every model even d's and da's. Lucky you have a remote right now their asking $1500 a piece for factory remotes. Long lane tractor in Elizabethtown PA. is a ford NH salvage yard that specializes in that type of...
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    S means it was the basic standard model. No tilt telescopic steering wheel, No floor mat. No tool boxes. No extra crap you really don't need.🍻
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    Identify this Truck?

    Had one of those bought it in 85 with 120 k miles drove it to 500 k miles then the 351 m gave up the ghost. [yours is a 400m which is a 351 m with larger heads] Best thing on mine was the ford sticker on it that said non catalyst. No pollution crap. I yanked the 351 and put in balanced...