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    Total newbie putting an order together for a PT-1430

    The gas portable winch is nice because you can use it for hours and the length of poll is only limited by how long of a rope you buy. Mine is 300' Since it is gas, you can still winch even if your vehicle is dead. I have not used my electric winch since getting the gas one.
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    Total newbie putting an order together for a PT-1430

    Implements really depend upon individual needs. I would buy a gas powered Portable Winch instead. While not their mini-hoe, I use a fabricated swinging mini-hoe with thumb a lot for firewood, moving things etc. I also have a fixed mini-hoe that digs 5' deep but I rarely use that one. A...
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    Rolled it over

    Broke mine as well. Ken
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    Well. Finally….

    Congratulations on a nice looking shop!
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    425 60" mower motor

    The belly mowers tended to have a higher RPM PTO. It is fairly easy to buy the appropriate PTO hydraulic mower at a place like Surplus Center and attach it to a 3Pt mower with a PTO coupler.
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    Power Trac Review in JLC

    I take it the PT forks do not have a backrest - that is something I definitely would want.
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    Power Trac Review in JLC

    Power Trac just got some great publicity. A review was posted in JLC (Journal of Light Construction). Seems like...
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    What you don’t know…

    My brain is working slow these days -need sleep. My recollection is that when I swapped mine for flat face, I was able to get enough slack by raising the loader arms as mentioned above by M5040. I did not have to raise them all of the way.
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    What you don’t know…

    Disconnect the other end so you can slide plenty of hose out?
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    Flat Face couplers

    I would have to go and look. I basically picked sizes that would not restrict flow.
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    Flat Face couplers

    I switched to flat face a long time ago. I find them to be easier to connect, easier to clean, and they do not leak oil when connecting like some Ag style do. Most of not all skid steer attachments you buy will have flat face connectors.
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    PT1445 stalls out, won't start

    I have had the same problem several times and often the connection issue is intermittent. Things being how they are, I try to get away with it until I have time to replace it. I usually grab a car starter and hit the starter with that to get going and back to the shop. Each time I repair it...
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    Cleaning out and reusing some old concrete fence post foundations?

    I would be tempted to vibrate in new pipe and go from there. I would think 8' pipes 5 - 5 1/2' in the ground would suffice, no concrete needed. 10' pipes if you are really concerned. Ken
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    Bolt on blade for buckets

    I have found the Ratchet Rake to be useful when I need it for things like loosening up ground, removing grass/weeds, or pulling back gravel from the lawn. It does not stiffen the edge but it does take the abuse.
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    Brokedown in a bad spot

    I am impressed that you could replace a line through the tunnel in an hour.