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    B3030 Loader (LA403)

    Loader has no down pressure, lots of lift pressure. Float position works. Swapped hoses with curl function and loader lifts in both directions, only drops when lever is put into fast dump position. Have heard someone say that you cant swap to troubleshoot this way as there are different pressure...
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    Ck30 manual fuel cutoff

    Has anyone cobbled up or seen a manual cable fuel shutoff for a CK30. Since repairing my own injector rack I have been contemplating trying to gear something up and disconnect the solenoid because I know it’s just a matter of time before it will happen again with that solenoid slamming the rack...
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    CK 30 overflow container cap

    Anyone have the part number for this item for a 2006 CK 30? Thanks Steve
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    Oil & Fuel Injector trouble CK 30

    Well my time was up yesterday my CK 30 injector pump went. Talked to a Kioti mechanic and found a local injector repair shop although I ended repairing using the thread at the top of this forum. The thread is pretty thorough and explained a lot. It took me about 6 1/2 hours from start to finish...
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    Massey Harris Pony decal location on tractor

    I have a friend that had a Massey Harris Pony restored but he is not quite sure where the decal stating to keep the shields in place is located on the tractor. Any one have a picture of this? Thanks Steve
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    Any sailors out there (capstan winch)

    Barient 21 winch, 2 speed, non self tailing NOW 175.00 | other | City of Halifax | Kijiji What can anyone tell me about a capstan winch. I am investigating capstan winches to build a small 3PH skidder. What would power this Barient winch, is it hydraulic/electric? From what I could dig up, this...
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    Anyone heard from Rick lately, seems like he's been absent for a while. Steve
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    ECHO SRM2110

    Anyone know if you can still buy a Zama carburetor 1CU K16A reasonably priced? Zama website says they are discontinued. I can't figure out what is wrong with mine, it will sit there and idle all day long but bog as soon as you hit the throttle. Cleaned carb several times, soaked it in Seafoam...
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    Stihl Kombi-system

    Anyone have any experience with this system. looking at the KM 56 model to use the trimmer, blade, tiller and maybe the blower. All input welcome, main concern was whether the 56 has enough power to work the tiller in bark mulch? Thanks Steve
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    RZR 570 Doors

    Any one here attempt to build their own doors for one of these machines. I want to try and build a set for my brothers RZR? Looking for any tips or insight. This is the first mock up. Thanks Steve
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    Barrel Train

    Number one of six to be built. One for each grandchild. Each one to be customized to their own liking. I expect Thomas, Hello Kitty, not sure about the rest yet. Steve
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    3PH SSQA build

    Well I put the post hole project on hold mainly because I haven't found an auger (cheap, I mean free) that I can use yet as a starting point. So I've started the quick attach for the 3PH. I am building from scratch and it may look similar to some other brand name hitch but I can assure you it is...
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    Post hole digger for FEL

    Anyone ever build one? What are the ramifications of mounting on the FEL, I would think you could have better maneuverability on the FEL. I have a brand new hydraulic motor at my disposal and have the itchin' to build something I've never built. I already have hydraulics at the FEL as well...
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    The Unthinkable has happened (to our family)

    My son-in-law died from a massive heart attack Aug 26 at the age of 33. No warning, no signs, this is not suppose to happen. They had just moved back to Nova Scotia after eight years in the oil patch of Alberta. He just switched companies and had been offered a supervisors job in the coil tubing...
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    Any GX gurus out there?

    I have a Porter Cable 3500watt generator that I bought new in 2005. I bought it because the wife thought we should have a backup if the power were to go out. Power hasn't been out more than a four hour stretch since then. I try to start and run it under load every month or two for a half hour or...