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    Buying Advice GCK60-BX Conversion to BX25

    Thought I would post since I finally got my setup completed. I recently bought a used 2011 BX25 and sold my BX1800 but kept the rear bagger. I conversed with Doug several times during his manufacturing and took measurements of my old BX 1800 to compare to the BX25 along the way. When he...
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    How do you remove the mower pulley nut?

    I know this is a stupid question, but I need to remove the mower pulley but cannot see any way to hold the pulley while untightening the nut. When I held with the blade below the blade nut just loosened up. I even tried to hold the belt tight but it just slipped as well. What are the tricks...
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    Anyone looking for a Sims Cab for BX?

    If your looking for one, you may want to check out this Ebay listing. I was thinking about bidding then realized I really don't need it. But I'm sure someone here does so here's a heads up. Sims Cab on Ebay ends 2/2/06
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    Bad case of Seat Deprivation? or Kids Ice Rink?

    The neighbors probably think I'm crazy, and the wife definately does. I spent a couple hours today "plowing" my yard. Well actually I was skimming the snow off it to put on another area that I am trying to create a ice rink for my boys. I have practically moved all the snow from my back yard...
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    My Early Father's Day KK 48" Tiller Tail

    My Early Father\'s Day KK 48\" Tiller Tail On Saturday I went to the TSC that is near my lake property with the wife and youngest son to pick up a couple bucks of bolts and some new rubber boots for the boy. Upon arrival I noticed a pen in the parking lot with Clearance banner on it. I...
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    HELP! Anybody using KK 48" Tiller on a BX?

    HELP! Anybody using KK 48\" Tiller on a BX? Is anyone using a KK 48" Tiller on a BX? I just purchased one and am wondering if it can be used on the BX now that I have it. I am trying to follow the directions for cutting the PTO shaft. The book says position the tiller to the position with...
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    New Trailer For My BX

    Well I picked up my new trailer last weekend and am in the process of getting it setup for towing my BX. It is an aluminum trailer and I decided the gate would need some reinforcement to handle the BX as the supports were not on line with the tires. SO I went to my local Fab shop and had them...
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    Trailer Tie Down Point Question

    OK since Dargo had his wild ride and Spring if finally starting to hit NY I have finally (after 2 years) decided to go out and buy a new trailer that is sized to better trailer by BX1800. I am picking up a 14' Tandem Axle 7000lb rated trailer this weekend so I was at TSC last night looking at...
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    Raking Leaves the Kubota Way!

    Well many times people ask about the BX grass catcher, so this year I thought I would snap a few photos to give an idea of what can be done. This is when I love the thing!! You will notice in the first pick I put my sons Soccer ball next to the leaves to try and give a depth perspective, it...
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    Kubota Cozy Cab for BX 1800/2200's on EBay

    Kubota Cozy Cab for BX 1800/2200\'s on EBay Anyone looking for a cab for their BX1800/2200's you may want to check this out on EBAY. Cozy Cab for Kubota I assume it is the manufacturer starting to sell them on EBAY. I looked them up at this site Custom Products Website The description...
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    Blown Head Gasket Question

    Last year I blew the engine in my Cub 1811 hence my Kubota BX replacement. Well I himed and hawed about what to do with the Cub when I found a used Kohler Magnum M18 on ebay so I bought it (this was last fall). Anyhow, I got the engine in and running, but it was running rough. I tinkered off...
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    Problem with Markups

    I am having troube lately and cannot use the faces or markups. Everytime I do it kicks me back like I hit the back button on Explorer. I suspect it is from the Explorer update I recently did (from 5.5 to 6.0) but don't know for sure as I also had to re-install my Norton Internet security and...
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    Is Bigger REALLY Better?

    I was bigger really better? (maybe Henro's spring fever is spreading) I've had a BX1800 for almost a year now and I keep reading posts from new perspective owners who are looking to purchase a machine and most everyone always says get bigger you'll need it down the road...
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    In the middle of 50hr service have question?

    I have pulled the strainer and the manual says to clean in a non-flammable solvent. What are non-flammable solvents? All the solvents that I know I have are flammable. Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated especially since I do have a few filings I need to get off. Of course...
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    Price Check Price for a Cub 1811?

    Any idea what a fair price would be for a Cub 1811 with a thrown connecting rod? I have a 50" deck and a 42"(I think) front blade. I also added a sleeve hitch so the hydraulic lift could be used for a 1 bottom plow for my garden (not including the plow when I sell). Both the tractor and...