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    Unsecured hay hauling

    My dad was driving to work on the highway when I full sheet of plywood came off a truck and the edge of the plywood just grazed the frame of the windshield and then went over his car. If it had hit the glass it would have probably come into the car and killed him. Another risk is bad drivers...
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    A few pics from today’s square baling

    When I was in high school I worked on a dairy/horse farm for 2 summers in the late 70s. It was hard work. They had a thrower on the baler and a lot of times I would be the one in the hay wagon to stack the bales so we could get on more per load. Had to watch out for the flying bales! We put up...
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    Getting hay started this week

    The weather was great last week here in Maryland, we had 7 days of dry, sunny, low humidity weather. I was able to bale about 10 acres and got 37 bales. Should have cut the rest, but with my luck, the weather would have changed and only had a day of dry weather. :) I need to get a hay tedder...
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    JD 5525 stalls after starting and sitting for a week

    I have a JD 5525 that I have had for about a year. A few months after I bought it and after it sat for a week or so it would start and then after 10 sec it would stall. I had the turn it over for about 30 sec and then it would start and run ok. The dealer had a recall for something else so they...