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    I wept because I had no shoes,

    Great post, but I think I saw that guy operating several implements, including a tractor. He must have a great collection. ;)
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    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    Oh yea! I'd snap that up in and instant--If I had the money. As already mentioned, it should work fine but slightly limited in cutting power. Don't try to mulch tree trunks with it. ;)
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    Floating top link on a box blade?

    I have a quick hitch and a stirrup as well as top and tilt cylinders. I put the stirrup on the top cylinder side (right behind the QH) so the "float" is available for all my implements. I'm putting pedal shaft seals on my Ford 3910 and will try to remember to snap a picture of the setup. Works...
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    Balancing flail mower rotor

    Unless you've knocked a few flails/weights off the rotor, it should be in balance from the factory. Make sure all your flails are in place and they are the same. Having a mix of flails will throw it out of balance. The balance weights are welded in place so it pretty hard to knock those off...
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    TC35D Hydraulic fluid or Oil blowing out hose under engine.

    Also check the coolant level in the radiator. Sounds to me like you may have coolant in the oil. Foaming oil is a sure sign there's water or coolant mixed with it. :eek:
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    The inclusion of "theft during the nighttime" is a favored part of the law in these parts. It's discussed often among the morning coffee group around here. I feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands of new "immigrants" that don't know the law. I see most have nothing but the clothes on their...
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    Ford 2610 3 pt sway

    I have a quick hitch with stabilizer chain links and turn buckles. I can adjust them as tight or as loose as I want. I don't understand why yours wouldn't work the same way. If you don't have turn buckles, they're missing. :rolleyes:
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    Portable work benches?

    That's exactly what I do. (y) On mine, the height is adjustable too. I have a ~500lb. back blade sitting on mine at the moment. They're sturdy as a rock.
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    Packaging gone wrong.

    I don't have my pictures transferred to this PC yet so can't post them. However, I use paper plates for targets. I have those spring paper clips attached to my cross rails to hold the plates.
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    That's what I was hoping when I see this thread expanding. Turns out it's just off topic junk. :rolleyes:
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    Packaging gone wrong.

    I like getting large boxes like that. I use them as a pad when I need to lay on the ground--For getting under a tractor or vehicle. Lots of "stickers" (burs to you yanks) around here.
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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Those are 2-ply tires! Those wouldn't last a week around here. And there's HUGE difference between a garden tractor and a ZTR. My Bad Boy came with high traction tires. It took me a couple of mows to get used to the "improved traction" to keep from tearing up the lawn--What little lawn I have...
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    I use two battery powered pumps. They use AAA batteries. If you can tot a can, you can carry a pump. ;)
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    You still have to lift it and hold it there. I don't lift cans any more except to get them in the back of the truck after I fill them--I went electric. I don't care what kind of spout it has now. With my auto shutoff pump, I can even fill a lawnmower tank without spillage.
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    House A/C problem due to breaker

    I wouldn't use aluminum wire for anything--Even if the wire was free! I remember back in the 80's when some builders started using aluminum wire. Many of the new homes burned to the ground. GM started using it in autos for the wire that runs to the rear of the vehicle. It was failing there too...