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    Diesel Fuel Rationing?

    Tyranny, exactly why there was a 2nd amendment. Currently being manipulated by the tyrannists. Fuel issues would not exist if Day One in office did not include a record number of Executive Orders 'unTrumping' everything. Let the fuel companies lease the land that they were leasing.
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    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Sounds like a mouse chewed wire that sometimes shorts to Ground.
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    Stihl blower spark arrestor.

    Some Federal Safety guy was bored and had to create more B.S.
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The older machines did have options, as you mentioned. The new ones do not. My whole rant was rhetorical, I know it's the American "L&L" problem Lawyers and Liability. Just frustrating to pay for it then pay to undo it. In the case of this JD, you need to lean forward to reach it and you...
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    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    Plunge cut and wedges. With no real lean to speak of I don't think the bottle Jack is necessary. But I'd cut my wedge, then plunge cut thru tree get you hinge cut then back out of the tree. Do not come all the way out, leave about 1/2" of wood. Put wedges in, just inside of that 1/2". Tap...
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    What would you do ?

    Mother-in-law should 'throw the flag on the play'. Maybe do the water activities and postpone the heavy lifting. Maybe start at 3:00am, it'll be cooler. Half joking but I've done it.
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    has anyone ever heard such nonsense?

    Are you asking the dealer about a Riding Mower or a Garden Tractor? There is a difference. A Riding Mower is light weight. Meant for travelling with a mower deck. Garden tractors should be Rated differently as they are designed to possibly drag implements thru dirt. There's no specific 'pull'...
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The whole idea of this 'safety mandate' it to make one more attentive when operating your tractor. What clown came up with this? Now, instead of turning my head prior to backing up, I'm looking down to find either the left hand button or right hand pull knob. How is that safer? Leaning...
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    How would you fall this?

    Your first post makes sense. Maybe, put a bigger notch. IT WILL JUMP BACK UP as you cut your way toward the rootball. As you cut toward the ball you will feel it getting light and ready to go. Start cutting smaller pieces, if the notch doesn't cause the break, we hope it stands up...
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    I know you mentioned Walk-behinds are not an option. $20k for a Steiner or Ventrac would not begin option for me. I have a scenario where I can not go up my hill to the flat on top, like your fence issue, I have a 48" walk behind and it let's me now totally perpendicular to the slope. My...
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    When we get a new Administration that will do want Americans want rather then their personal agenda, I think fuel will go back to the Trump Administration. It will only by force that I would think electric. I know California's electric grid cannot handle what's already on-line. Charging cars...
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    Landscaping with a tractor?

    Can you just make swales to steer the water? A ditch will prevent you from mowing or driving over but a wide swale will narrow down your wet area. French drains would be a second thought. Don't mess with piping, just deep trench filled back to grade with round rock.
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    Mowing Fed Up w/ BX Drive-Over Deck. Making a Change.

    If you have the $$, get a ZT even a 48" walk behind. It will cut you mowing time way down. Not because of faster cutting but because of ease of getting close to the trees. No reversing a thousand times.
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    I have no idea what to buy

    If this is for Mowing only, I would seriously look at Zero Turn machines. Gravely, Cub Cadet, Toro. These machines turn on a dime leaving you with much less trimming then the standard Ride-on. If you anticipate other duties, let us know. Just went back to see you looking at ZTs. I have...
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    conflicting advice on using bucket with rotary cutter

    I think all advise is valid. I may run the bucket on and low while mowing a new area. After I'm confident in the grounds, I might take it off for visibility