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    Who Is Manufacturing L.S. Implements

    Looking at the L.S. 3 point hitch grass cutter the other day, noticed it looked alot like another brand. Anyone know for sure who is the manufacture? Like the idea of the tapered top, so water doesn't collect on it. Design looked good and priced right.
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    Front-End Loader Frey Loaders

    Anyone own a Frey Front Loader? What model and how well do you like it? What are the pros and cons? Thank you for you input. Trac
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    Front loader needed

    Looking for a front loader for a Farmtrac 390. It would be the same boom on a 300, 360, with slight differences in the sub frames. Anyone that can help, thank you. Trac
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    Front loader needed

    Looking for a front loader for a Farmtrac 390. Anyone that can help, thank you. Trac
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    Satoh 650G PTO stopped

    While mowing with the tractor in light grass, the pto stopped turning. Everything is engaged, and the transmission clutch works perfect. Any ideas on this problem? Thanks for the help. Trac
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    Head bolt Torque for 270

    Head bolt torque 75.9-79.6 ft. lbs.+ sequence for Farmtrac 270. Hope this helps. Trac
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    Head bolt Torque for CK 27

    Would anyone be willing to share the head bolt torque for A CK27 ( 3A139) engine? Thank you, Trac
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    Split my first Farmtrac 320 today

    Had trouble with the pto clutch not disengaging with the clutch pedal fully depressed. Found a loose bolt on the release finger. Release bearing not compressing pressure plate equally, causing disc to float. All that work for a loose bolt, but not bad to split. Also had trouble with the pto...
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    Allis Chalmers Allcrop Combine

    Looking at 2 machines in good shape. Models 60 & 66. Trying to stop them from going to the scap yard. They both are in need of the lower apron canvas. Allis Chalmers people, please tell me what they are worth. Are the canvas still available or will I have to make them? Any help would be very...
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    Long To Farmtrac Era

    Since Long went to the LongAgribusiness in 1999, and then to the Farmtrac name in 2004, should those Threads be put all on one label? What do you think?
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    CK 20HJ hydro, comments needed

    I have a 2003 CK20 HJ with 158 hrs. It was bought used at 90 hrs. While running a rotary tiller on the rear pto, the hyro began a loud growning sound. Shutting the unit off and towing it into the garage, I began to check all fluids, installed new filters,and looked for suction leaks,bad orings...