CK 20HJ hydro, comments needed



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Jun 3, 2004
Niagara County, N.Y.
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I have a 2003 CK20 HJ with 158 hrs. It was bought used at 90 hrs. While running a rotary tiller on the rear pto, the hyro began a loud growning sound. Shutting the unit off and towing it into the garage, I began to check all fluids, installed new filters,and looked for suction leaks,bad orings, and such. Nothing found on the outside, so I decided to split the tractor, (as having a past of mechanical ability). In removing the charge pump housing , I found a sheared keyway on the pump shaft, as well as a broken gerotor gear with 3 large lobes missing. Any one with any past history of this? Any and all input is gladly welcome, and thank you for making this site the best on the internet!


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May 31, 2006
No experience however after taking to my dealer they have had a one maybe two do this. If i remember correctly it was caused by shock on the system. They said that mainly with tillers and rotary cutters that if you dont slip the clutches on them at least twice a year this could happen. It seems that the vibrations are feeding back into the charge pump and destroy that gear if it is real hard on the attachment. Now the last i heard there was a upgrade to that gear pump that made the gear and the outer race, if you will, thicker to make it handle the shock better. You may want to check on that when you go back with the new one. Also check your slip clutches and make shure they are adjusted right and are loose enough to slip in a hard load or just help on the vibration a little better. Hope this helps