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    A solution to poor quality squeeze bulbs

    When ordering replacement primer bulbs you must check for ethanol compatibility.
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    I need some help understanding a blown hydraulic filter seal on the new wood splitter

    A return filter should never have pressure greater than 25 psi that would cause the filter to burst unless there is blockage. The common cause of blockage in a return filter is a damaged filter head by-pass valve. This valve is made of plastic and when it breaks it can obstruct the pipe to the...
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    How to calculate Hydraulic Hose Size when designing a system

    The basic way to size hose for a hydraulic pump is to match pump outlet size minimum or one size larger. Also check hydraulic fitting as some styles or brands are restrictive.
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    Knockoff Dewlat Batteries won't take a charge

    Some of the old chargers are for charging NiCad batteries only.
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    Any rule-of-thumb for replacing 4.5" cutoff wheels?

    When using cutoff wheels I found that they don't work well if you try to use them like a saw, where you cut all the way thru as you move forward. When cuts of more than a few inches need to be made I place a metal straight edge where a line is scored. Then with light pressure and moving back and...
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    Log Splitter Question...

    Generally the return pipe enters the top of the tank then extends to near the tank bottom where the fluid is discharged.
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    Log Splitter Question...

    This would be the minimum return filter you would want. 3/4" NPT 25 GPM Zinga Return Line Filter 25 PSI Bypass Zinga ZAF-07-25-0-10
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    Log Splitter Question...

    All filters and strainers used should be rated double the pump capacity, to prevent cavitation with suction filters and bypassing with return filters.
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    Non permanent winch fastening?

    I made one to load my sons bike.
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    Small electric winch mount setup.

    I use a small receiver mount. 1 1/4" tube for winch base and 1 1/2" -1/8" wall tube for the receiver. The first pic is of a trailer tounge mount. The second pic is a mount for the front of another trailer. Last pic is the winch on a log splitter lift.
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    Log Lift Table

    The least costly method for a log lift attachment is to use a electric winch. This one is self supported. 100 0123 - YouTube Here is a pic of a attached electric lift.