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    To do and not to do with Kubota DEF system.

    Once again, the filter pass rate is 20 microns, not the 80 microns you once again pulled out of your butt!!! You need to stick with the truth for once.
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    D1105-T water pump

    The original engine was a Kubota engine specially built for Toro and has some specific parts available only through Toro. If the replacement engine is not a Toro spec engine it may be a Kubota equipment-specific engine, the parts are available only from a Kubota equipment dealer. The engine...
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Title PSB-2021-079: V-Series; Addition of Suspension Arm Bushing Service Interval Description This bulletin contains general information to assist you if repairs should become necessary as per the subject. Product Line V-Series Models RTV-X900, RTV-X1100, RTV-X1120, RTV-X1140 Serial Numbers...
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Title PSB-2017-100-R3: MANDATORY CAMPAIGN: RTV-X Series; Stop Use / Retail / Shipment: Seat Belt Stay Replacement Product Line RTV-X-Series Models RTV-X900, RTV-X1100C, RTV-X1120D, RTV-X1140 Serial Numbers Model Serial Number Model Serial Number RTV-X900 31229 - 42402 RTV-X1120D...
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    Where to buy rear suitcase weights for L3560

    Kubota suitcase weights are available through whole goods and the rear weight bracket is available from Heavy Hitch.
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    LX3310 4 cylinder engine

    Once again, FAKE NEWS. The engine used in the LX3310 does not have balancer shafts like the M9000's engine does.
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    Kubota gr2120 deck won’t stay up

    This system was not designed to hold the deck up for an extended length of time although I have never timed one to see how long it would stay up. I do know that they should stay up for more than a few minutes.
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    Kubota gr2120 deck won’t stay up

    Do not waste any of your time or money messing with the lift cylinder as it has only one hose to it, so it is a single-acting cylinder. For the cylinder to be the cause of the deck dropping, it would have to be leaking oil on the ground. The deck cylinder position is maintained by the Load...
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    M9540 Bogging Down

    I know that you really hate FACTS and TRUTH, but Kubota's HH166-43560 fuel filter is listed by Kubota as being a 20-micron filter. Just as a refresher, HH166-43560 is the spin-on fuel filter used on 198 models, including the M9000.
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    Security & Theft Power Locks/Keyless ignition for RTV-X 1100c??

    The RTV uses a different key for the door than for the ignition switch.
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Here are the instructions for the floormat modification.
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    Where's the refrigerant port RTV-X1100C?

    Of course, you could just look at the sight glass on the top of the receiver/dryer.
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    30HP vs 26HP 60" bush hog?

    DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used only on over 75 HP units. DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is used on 25 HP and up units
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    My PTO will not engage?

    The PTO clutch engagement is totally mechanical, the switches are for the safety system. If the hydrostat works and the PTO does not, it's either the linkage from the lever to the control spool is disconnected or the orifice in the PTO control spool is plugged. The most common culprit for...
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    Where's the refrigerant port RTV-X1100C?

    They are under the hood, near the condenser.