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    Mower options for 1430

    If it where me I would look around for a mower head from a golf course mower. Those can be had at a good price and for a couple hundred you could have someone adapt it.
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    PT-425 PTO Not Starting

    Those valve coils do pull a lot of juice.
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    Mower options for 1430

    IMO pts mower is mediocre. The brush mower is better. If you want a good grass mowing buy a dedicated mower.
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    PT-425 PTO Not Starting

    My initial thought is you did not have the connectors for the mower in tight. If you flip the switch and the engine dies your valve is working correctly.
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    About the same price as a gas replacement.
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    PT-425 Aux circuit QCs

    When I store a utility I connect the hoses together to keep them clean. If you want some fun do that in December then try disconnecting in the hot July sun.
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    PT425 Electrical Short - Doesn't Start with Jump

    The wife saw the picture of the boulder and wants it.
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    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    Go big. No replacement for displacement. These machines are super bendy so getting bigger isn’t an issue in my opinion.
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    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    I am down in the Vancouver area if you want to drive an 1850 before buying.
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    Brokedown in a bad spot

    Having ruptured so many hoses I have a trick. I have the master chart, and if it is obvious I go get a hose made. If not I have a selection of overly long hoses for temporary use. Basically what I do is I disconnect the broken hose, generally on the tank side. I attach the new hose with a...
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    Brokedown in a bad spot

    If anyone wants to drill on my property, I have 20 gallons of processed crude available.
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    Bolt on blade for buckets

    So my bucket teeth are welded onto a bar that bolts into the bucket. I am can get you pictures, but that bar that the teeth are welded to ads a lot of support to the lip of the bucket.
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    Brokedown in a bad spot

    Well, just a story. So the wife took the tractor out into the back 40 and a line ruptured. Usually not a big deal, I have some spares that I can plug in to limp back home. Not so lucky this time. It wasn't that I didn't have the hose, it was I could not find the break. On top of it I have...
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    PT-422 Electric Conversion.......Done!

    Koensig just showed an amazing motor they just designed. Small and super powerful.
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    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    So what are the symptoms of air in the system? Given how cursed I am I would have huge leaks and I have none that I know of.