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    MF 6325 Idler pulley

    After 10 years and almost 600 hours my idler pulley bearing self destructed the last time I mowed. MF make the bearing and pulley in one piece so you cant replace just the bearing. The pulley isnt outrageous, I think it was $39 but I dont like the idea of not being able to replace just the parts...
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    New tractor co in cuba!

    Just noticed this on MSN and thought it was interesting. Should be good for Cuba's economy. APNewsBreak: US OK's first factory in Cuba since revolution
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    GC2600 Steering wheel removal

    Has anyone had to remove the steering wheel yet? I had a little accident with my dash and need to replace the surround but I cant figure out how to remove the steering wheel. I removed the nut and tried turning the center with a allen wrench but it didn't seem to move. Also tried a gear puller...
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    GC2600 Hydraulics

    I have a GC2600 with just the loader and was using it the other day when I noticed my hydraulics were acting slow. I didn't notice any odd noise at the time but after looking at it yesterday I noticed that if its just above idle it seems fine and the hyd respond like I would expect, but if I rev...
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    Snow Massey ferguson gc2300 snow plow attachment Heres a video of one that I copied my design off of. After pulling a picture of the 380 blade it looks way different than what I used. This is the mount for the blade I used and the mounting for the MF was very easy to adapt. Yours looks like it...
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    TSC 22 ton log splitter, problem

    Here is what you should have to be a complete lovejoy coupling.
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    JD 413 question

    I recently bought a 4' JD brush hoog thats needs a little TLC. Does any one know if the bolt that holds the stumpjumper on is LEFT HAND thread or not? I tried (although not for very long) to remove it with an inpact but didn't seem to do any good. Thanks for any help. I'll try and post pics as...
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    MF 2340 Blade

    Also posted on the Massey O/O forum. But figured I'd try here also. Does any one have one? I'm curious if its worth the money. Dealer priced it, the mount and hyd angle option for around $2000.00. He also priced a blade that can replace the bucket (pin-on) for about $2500.00. The only advatage...
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    MF 2340 Blade

    Does any one have one? I'm curious if its worth the money. Dealer priced it and the mount and hyd angle option for around $2000.00. He also priced a blade that can replace the bucket (pin-on) for about $2500.00. The only advatage of that would be you could pile the snow higher, which is not...
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    GC24/26 owners

    I just picked up a new 2600 and have a question. I know how to lock the mower deck UP so that you can still operate the 3PH but can you do the opposite? I need to lock the 3PH up and still be able to lift and lower the mower. I have read the book but didn't see anything other than the page about...
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    moisture in crawl space

    I have a 3 year old log home that I am having trouble with moisture in the dirt crawl space. I have a french drain around the perimeter below the foundation but I still get sweating from the duct work when the A/C runs and through the ground. Humidity measured 95% when he took it on Friday. I...
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    Daihatsu parts needed!

    I have a Kawasaki Mule Diesel and need a crankshaft. Does any one know a dealer for Daihatsu engine parts? I've searched the internet and can't really come up with anything substantial. I did find out that Daihatsu sells the same engine to Briggs&Stratton who sells it as a Vanguard engine but...
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    Mule diesel ID!

    Does anyone know who makes the Diesel in the Mule and what is the model #? I'm looking for some parts for a rebuild. All I can find out is that its a 3cyl, 953cc, 24hp. I'd rather not get them for Kawasaki due to cost. Thanks
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    good one for you!

    Last week a local truck driver brings a 53' box trailer up our 1.5 mile dead end road that has no place to turn around and several tight turns. He looked like he was ready to cry after surveying the situation. After about an 30 minute I told him I could hook to his trailer with the 6245 4x4...