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    Catawba Attachments 60" Grapple

    Looking for opinions. I just installed a 3rd function kit on my tractor and am looking for a grapple. I found the Catawba 60" rake grapple and it looks like a great product. Does any one have any input on this unit. I have attached the link as well. Catawba 60 Rake Grapple
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    Z-Force 60 Motor Replacement

    Hi all, new here but looking for advice. I've got an option to pickup a CC Z-Force 60 that has a locked up 25 HP Kohler. The owner has had zero issues with this aside from obviously the motor locking up. Issue happened when the filter gave way while motor and ran dry. What motor do you like...
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    Oliver 60 (1946) Restore

    Restored my Grandfather's Oliver 60 he purchsed in 1946 (original receipt July 1, 1946 $1100.00). The only tractor he owned, farming 60 acres - used horses until about 1952. (A centennial farm (1884) where my wife Nancy and I live). A fun project. Complete frame up restore. And for those who...
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    60 inch deck Deere 3320

    I'm going to a larger deck on my 3320 and want to sell the 60 deck. Auto connect. Will drive a ways to meet for a serious buyer. Located in Charlottesville VA should also fit the newer 3R tractors.
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    Greenworks Crossover riding mowers 60, 80 or 82 volt

    Does anyone have any experience with the Greenworks crossover crt or crz riding mowers . I have been looking at them and reading reviews about them and they seem to be pretty good according to reviews and you tube reviews if you can believe them. I have a Greenworks 60 volt chainsaw with 20...
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    2008 Hustler Z Question

    I have an opportunity to buy an 08 Hustler Z 60in with 1771 hours. What’s the life expectancy on these? What would you consider paying?