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Mar 29, 2002
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Does anyone have any experience with the Greenworks crossover crt or crz riding mowers . I have been looking at them and reading reviews about them and they seem to be pretty good according to reviews and you tube reviews if you can believe them. I have a Greenworks 60 volt chainsaw with 20 inch bar and it really cuts like a mid sized gas chainsaw. Any comments would be appreciated.
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How much mowing are you doing?

Personal or Commercial?

I am happy with the new 60v 20" and 82v 20" saws which I think are nearly identical.

I don't think a new mower is in my near future, although they look nice.

The 80v and 82v batteries are nearly identical except for an extra ridge along the side to be a hassle for consumers.

82v will be somewhat more expensive than the 60v version, and less likely to go on sale.

Watch for PRO version sales.
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I'm always nervous about new technology, and buying something that will be replaced by something newer right after I buy it. My other concern is the life of the batteries, and what it will cost to buy new ones, and if they will be available? Kind of like what happened with cordless tools, and to some degree, is still happening when they come out with a new battery size or shape.
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I have several 80v GreenWorks tools, and after three years of light homeowner use, the batteries are noticeably degraded. I bought a tool from them with a battery recently, and it lasts about 2x as long, same amp hour. Still love the tools, but the batteries degrade at a noticeable rate.
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Each of those 8ah batteries is $300, and out of stock 😳. So Id need 6 to mow my lawn… so $1800 in batteries. That’s the cost of a 27Hp commercial engine, that I could run for 20+ years honestly, at 50 hours per year.

Over time, a few years, those 6 batteries wouldn’t mow my entire lawn…

I have their trimmer, blower and chainsaw. The saw is a turd, in a way. It is heavier than gas, and on a good day I can limb and cut one medium tree on a charge. So, less than 30 minutes maybe, on a 2.5ah battery. Keep in mind, you can plug in a larger battery, but now it’s even heavier. It cuts well while it’s cutting. It is quiet. But, it is heavy and gets me 30 minutes of cutting on a charge. Usually we are cutting for hours when we cut… so I just take my CS-400 Echo. My wife will run the GreenWorks sometimes because she is not a fan of the noise and vibration of the gasser.
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As far as batteries, I've had a 40V Greenworks saw for several years. I did lose one battery, possibly due to letting it sit without use. But the other 40V batteries seem to work just fine, and are over 5 years old.

I did get the 60V and 82V saws recently. I'm not super excited about the "smart" battery technology. One can log into the batteries, but the program control is minimal. We'll see how they last.

As far as the mowers, the Greenworks Commercial mowers are mighty expensive. They would price themselves out of most homeowner use. But the Pro versions are within reason. It all depends on one's usage. Mowing a 5 acre field?

One advantage of the individual batteries is that if one battery goes, one can replace that battery instead of replacing the whole pack. Or if something new comes out, one can upgrade.

I have a 40V push mower that takes 2 batteries. It works OK, but I haven't used it a lot. An interesting thing about it is that it uses one battery at a time. So it is no different from running it on a single battery or two batteries. In fact, by using a single battery one can monitor the state of charge easier, and recharge before the battery reaches zero.

If I was purchasing a $5,000 to $25,000 mower, there would be several questions I'd ask the vendor. Is it using the batteries in series, parallel, or sequential. Half the pack? That would be critical to know if you plan on building a mixed battery pack, and might also help you predict battery heating, charging, and etc. Also, does the mower have an onboard charger, or do all the batteries have to be removed to charge?

Greenworks reported voltages are somewhat optimistic. One report I saw indicated that both 80V and 82V batteries were actually 72V. Perhaps I'll do some testing of my batteries. I don't know the actual voltage of their 60V batteries.

Ok, for smaller power tools, 18V and 20V batteries are supposed to be essentially the same (different brands). Likely that is multiplied, so a 36V and 40V would be the same, or 54V and 60V, or 72V and 80V.

Anyway, you lose a few volts here and there. I wasn't particularly impressed with the 8AH 60V Greenworks battery. I don't have an 8AH 80 or 82V, still hunting, but I wonder if the 8AH 60V is similar in performance to the 4AH 82V. So, buying a 60V mower might actually reduce your battery pack performance more than would be expected over 80/82V.
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Oh, one other thing I'd mention. I've had very bad luck with generic unbranded Milwaukee M18 compatible batteries. I think their amp hours were low, and I dropped it once, and dead.

I did do well with generic Black and Decker compatible NiMH batteries, but the original B&D batteries were pretty bad.

There are a number of vendors selling batteries "For Greenworks" for less than half the cost of real Greenworks branded batteries. So far I've avoided those, but it might be worth exploring.

Reports indicate that some, or all Kobalt batteries interchange with Greenworks. At least that might be worth following up on, if prices vary between the brands.
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Right now Greenworks is doing a Spring sale. Good for the next 9 hours 30 minutes. They regularly do sales around holidays, so there will be another.

The big 60V 42" zero turn mowers are on sale for $3799 and $3999 depending on the number of batteries you get.

I think that is cheaper than previous prices, but I don't think I actually wrote them down earlier.

The 80 42" zero turn mowers are not on sale and start at $5499.

I really don't know if there is a big difference between the similar 60V and 80V mowers, although you can purchase higher capacity (watt-hour) batteries with the 80V. Nonetheless, the savings for 60V is substantial.
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I'm looking for a battery zero steer as well. Why are some responses about chain saws?
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Looking at user reviews, most complaints are about software and there updates.