buying advice

  1. B

    Buying Advice Maybe going from Kubota to Mahindra.

    Hey guys, I have a Kubota B2650 hat that has 250-300 hrs on it. It’s a great tractor and perfect for around our little farm/welding and machine shop. I bought a piece of land 10-acres that needs to be cleared and I’d like a little bit bigger tractor. I’m thinking about a 40ish hp Mahindra and...
  2. Bonzoretro

    Buy or not

    Should I buy a 2015 “Dig It” M2208 loader/backhoe for $8000? It has 912 hours on it. Kohler engine. Nothing terrible appears wrong with it.
  3. E

    Looking to buy my first tractor

    Hello, I am looking to purchase my first tractor. From my extensive research online and locally, most of my questions have been answered but I would to hear your guys opinions. What the tractor will be used for: 40 acres tillable (currently leasing 35 of this and using 5 for sod/garden but may...
  4. Torvy

    2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 windshield?

    So along with figuring out what and when to buy a tractor, the missus has me doing research on UTVs as well. She has adjusted her requirements, so I have been going back over all of the manufacturers to see whether they have units that meet her demands and how much prices have changed, etc. I...