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Dec 15, 2022
2015 Dig It M2208
Should I buy a 2015 “Dig It” M2208 loader/backhoe for $8000?
It has 912 hours on it.
Kohler engine.
Nothing terrible appears wrong with it.


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You’re right, that’s pretty funny!
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That is the exact one! Do you think 912 hours is any sign of overuse?
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I wouldn’t pay that much for a gas motor version.
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Should I go for a reduction of +\- 10% or just avoid this entirly?
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I know nothing about these, but I would sure hope that the bucket and backhoe cycle much faster than what the video showed.
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I had athe towable model of a dig-it and was pleased with the way it was set up and handy since it even had hydro wheel motors.
I think it's priced on the high side but that's the way things are today but it wouldn't hurt to make a lower offer either.
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Thanks. Another member saw a video and proposed that itmay be too slow in its hydraulic motions. Do you have an opinion about how fast the digging arms cycled?