1. N

    International / Farmall Crankcase breather cleaning question

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a cleaning method for my 1964 International 504 breather filter , OEM 367677R1 / R19? Operator's manual says to replace it at overhaul. Last time I replaced it was 2008. Found used ones for $60 up to $177 for new on line which is very expensive.
  2. ArlyA

    Cleaning out parent's stuff

    Folks. I've been in northern MN for a few weeks to move the spouses parents into assisted living. Her mom developed dementia and her dad has declined ability to care for her over the past year. Spouse had been in Ely for over a month now to help them move and now we're cleaning out the place...
  3. F

    Suggestions on how to clean out DK6010 cab and tractor as a whole?

    I have a Kioti DK6010SE Cab and man is is it filled with dust and dirt. What is the best way to clean out the cab? What about the tractor as a whole. Can I pressure wash it without damaging anything?
  4. J

    BX23S wasp nest in roll bar / sprayed wasp killer / how to clean out?

    Very aggressive wasps made a nest overnight in the rollover bar, entering through the small holes for accessory mounts. I sprayed the hole from a distance and they've moved on or otherwise are no longer a problem. However, I am unsure how to clean out the residue which seems to be...
  5. C

    How to clean out radiator fins that are clogged with gunk?

    Hi all, I have a TC25D. After years of experiencing hydrostatic fluid bursting from the front of the radiator and cooler (prior to replacing the hose assembly to eventually fix the issue), the fins are now pretty plugged up with gunk and slime that is sucked in by the fan. What is the most...