1. Darth_DMack

    Rotary Cutter Discussion

    Hello everyone... new tractor owner here (well, had it now about six months). I have a 2023 Mahindra 5155 (55 hp) tractor, and I am shopping for a good rotary cutter to maintain parts of my property that my Gravely ZT HD can't do. Not a need for a "commercial" cutter, but I subscribe to the...
  2. japody

    New 12 ft Ironcraft Batwing rotary cutter

    Delivered this morning. Should reduce mowing time in half. Only problem is that it's too dry here to mow.
  3. A

    Rescued an old cutter and refurbished it

    Neighbor had an old Long Manufacturing rotary cutter half buried in the woods behind his house. I pulled it out and brought it in the shop. New gearbox and PTO shaft, sharpened the blades, and a coat of paint. About $300 in parts and here’s the end result. Before and after:
  4. M

    Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc

    I have a Primeweld plasma cutter CT520D it’s a non pilot arc machine. It works great but it would be nice to have the pilot arc. Especially after using the plasma cutter at work. I thought I read where someone was able to convert non pilot arc to pilot arc? Is this possible? If so is it...
  5. B

    Why 3pt Rotaty (brush) Cutter vs Quick attach on FEL?

    Can the experienced please educate me on the pros and cons (or even possibility) of mounting a rotary brush cutter on my FEL with aux. hydraulics vs the traditional 3pt pull-behind options? Running a Kubota MX6000 with open station, I do realize most skidsteer guys that operate a front brush...
  6. Brumm

    Rotary Cutter Brush Hog gearbox ratio

    Has anyone replaced a 1:1.47 ratio brush hog gearbox with a higher ratio 1:1.93 or 1:2.83 ratio. Would this setup help the brush hog to operate under reduced acceleration contributing to fuel economy and more efficiency? Would the 1:2.83 ratio gearbox perform well using the ground speed PTO? The...
  7. Brown Dog

    John Deere MX10 cutter FS

    Anybody looking for a MX10 in the SouthEast ? It’s listed over in the marketplace. North Georgia Cutter is SOLD
  8. W

    Widest Cat 1 Rotary cutter?

    Seems all the 8' ones ive seen are Cat 2 and since my tractor is cat not a match. Are there any good medium duty 8' 3pt shredders? Will i need to start looking at a pull behind for an 8'? I have a good heavy duty 6', but was hoping to find an 8' to save some time. I dont know that its...
  9. D

    Hardee Rotary Cutter

    I have an older Hardee 5’ Rotary cutter I’m trying to bring back to life. The stump jumper is cracked and the blades are rusted/frozen to it. I want to replace both the stump jumper and blades. I cant seem to find the stump Jumper (part C805) any where (have contacted Hardee and waiting on...
  10. N

    Help with rotary cutter gearbox

    I just bought an older ford rotary cutter. It is missing the top half of the gearbox and the pto shaft(I bought the thing for $60). The best I can tell the model number on the tag of the whole thing is 22-151. I’m having trouble finding the correct gearbox for it. The output shaft is 10 spline...
  11. L

    Kioti 2022 CK3510CHSE Cab, Excellent Condition, 53 hours, With 5' Brush Cutter

    Kioti 2022 CK3510HSE Cab. Perfect condition. 53 hours. KL4030C Loader, 3rd Function Valve installed. Air Conditioned Cab. Hydrostat with 3 ranges, 4x4. 5 foot Titan Brush Cutter included. Priced to sell. $28,000
  12. J

    John Deere Gyramor 207 Cutter made in Canada

    Anyone have any idea when this was built and what it is worth? I know in most case with serial numbers 001 would be the first one built? The story is it was bought new with this 1953 John Deere 40.
  13. John Huhmann

    Sidewinder brush cutter

    Does anyone know bearing torque for sidewinder brush cutter?
  14. D

    Brush cutter opinion/help

    I’ve been talking myself into a front mounted brush cutter and exploring some options. One thing I’ve noticed is a couple of the manufacturers may not be using a cushion valve on the motor, rather just teeing the lines. One side of my brain says that can’t work very well, the other side says but...
  15. Sandboy

    ID rotary cutter

    Can anyone ID it? I have this 4ft square brush cutter, gear motor says Omni Gear RC 30, missing any brand names. Another Problem tail wheel will not follow, always turns sideways. I have greased, clean repacked no change. This fork is slightly bent and May have been modified see pics. Thanks