diesel fuel

  1. S

    Lubrication additives for Diesel Fuel in older tractor

    What can I add to older (1980’s) Diesel tractor to add lubricity to the fuel. Have been told that Automobile Transmission Fluid or Two Cycle Oil (used in two cycle engines) can be used but I do not know at what ratio. (How much per gallon of diesel fuel?) Other substitutes?
  2. Rich_Z

    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    Now I will admit, I don't know a darn thing about diesel fuels. Never touched a diesel motor, much less owned one before I bought my tractor several months ago. A friend of mine told me to use the off road diesel, since it is significantly cheaper, and basically the same as the on road stuff...
  3. A

    Black tar-like substance in diesel fuel sediment bowl

    I have a Deere 2-cylinder 730 diesel tractor that only gets started a couple of times a year. It's been 10 years or so since I used it in the field to moldboard plow a few acres. The last two times I've tried to start it to move it around, I've found the bottom of the sediment bowl with a...