1. I

    GPS Precision Farming Accuracy

    I just asked this question on Reddit, but I probably should have come here first. We're just a little berry farm using mostly mechanical tractors. Not a lot of electro hydraulic luxury, never mind computer controlled technology. What kind of accuracy do the big operators get with their gps...
  2. B

    Yard trailer and quick dump

    A couple weeks ago I built rear 3 point control and got good feedback. This week I want to show you another if you want to look: It's a "trailer" that I can use to take with me on trips with the regular trailer. I also can use it to unload the truck in seconds. It also works to keep logs out...
  3. Rockbadchild

    life on 150 acres

    well hello everyone!!! last May I've purchased 75 acres of land in northern Ontario Canada right next to my old man where I grew up, he owns 75 acres as well. Once in possession of the land I purchased a Massey Ferguson 60hp e series hydro and I had a few question about it and that’s how I...