/ Yard trailer and quick dump #1  


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Sep 9, 2021
Antwerp, Ohio
RK25 T25
A couple weeks ago I built rear 3 point control and got good feedback.

This week I want to show you another if you want to look:

It's a "trailer" that I can use to take with me on trips with the regular trailer. I also can use it to unload the truck in seconds. It also works to keep logs out of the mud while driving over it to unload it.

thanks for checking!
   / Yard trailer and quick dump #2  
I've been using a 'E-Z unloader' (with their Teflon bed mat) for years. Your problem in the first part is the same one I had, except I haul rock for the driveway, the load hangs up on the wheel wells.
I made some side boards that sit inside the wheel wells and are as high as the wheel wells then angle out to and reach as high as the top of the bed.
Once that was done not only could my 7 yr old daughter crank off 2 tons of rock, there was nothing left in the bed.