1. E

    Polarize the generator

    What is the procedure to polarize the 6v generator? I replaced the generator, and was told it has to be polarized in order to work properly, somehow Via the voltage regulator. There are 4 wires going into the voltage regulator: 2 on top, one on the left (from seat position), and one below...
  2. Bansil

    PTO Generator question

    Looking to pick 1 up, problem is hp rating@ 7200 watt is 14 hp, that's not much better than my gas genie 12000 watt is 24 hp, this would be ideal But my tractor is 19.5 hp, can I use the bigger one? At reduced capacity? Like 10000 watts
  3. S

    Need help picking correct oil for my 25 year old 19hp twin Generac generator

    What is the correct oil to use in my 25 year old 19hp, twin cyl, air cooled Generac generator. This is from the old days with higher ZDDP in the oil and I don't want to screw up my house generator with modern oil. The generator has test run more than actual use and only has maybe 15 hours of...
  4. newbury

    Want to build a Generator Noise Reduction Shed on the cheap. Any advice?

    Just bought a Champion 4250-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator (Dual Fuel) as a spare. Partially because my daughter and family need one and partially because it was on a 30% off price point at Amazon link . So I want to build a tiny shed to disguise it for our suburban environment. I'm...
  5. somanytractors

    ferguson 65 and 35 delco 2 post alternator testing and wiring questions

    I have a 65 diesel with a 2 post delco alternator or generator 1100501. It's pretty shot. I have a 2 post delco alternator or generator 1100998 I believe came from a 35 gas. I dont see any reason this wont work in place of the other one. It fits, but it doesn't seem to work either. Both have 2...
  6. R

    Load box for portable generator

    I purchased a 4800 watt emergency generator and intend to run it under load every 6 months. My question is how much load is necessary. I bought a 1600 watt range top element to use, but I wonder if more is needed. they are only $17 so no big deal to add another, just wondering if it's necessary.
  7. G

    30kw Katolight Generator (JD 4024TF) is surging without load on cold start

    Hello all you fellow rural and JD geniuses! I have an interesting problem, but I do not know where to start exactly. This just started happening yesterday - We have a Katolight generator that surges terribly on a cold-start, for up to a good minute or so until it warms up or load is applied. It...