1. JeepHead

    Let's see some homemade log booms

    I am planning to make a 3pnt log boom. Will probably also incorporate a trailer hitch so I can move trailer around too. Just curious if anyone has pics of one they've made. Always looking for ideas.
  2. EdVanWie

    Homemade Cab and Attachments for My Summit Tractor

    I made a cab, grill, push plow and weight box for my Summit tractor. I have 43 hours on the tractor.
  3. E

    Making a Mill

    Good evening all, I have been looking to see if how I can use every part of the Black Walnut, got stupid amounts of the darn things, and can always get more for free. I have my initial process to hull, wash, and crack them. The parts I have not gotten a handle on what to do with is the shells...