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Dec 11, 2022
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Good evening all,

I have been looking to see if how I can use every part of the Black Walnut, got stupid amounts of the darn things, and can always get more for free. I have my initial process to hull, wash, and crack them. The parts I have not gotten a handle on what to do with is the shells. I would like to figure out the best type of mill to use to get the shells down to a usable size would be? I was thinking a ball mill/ rod mill/ hammer or a grinder of some sort?

Then how to go about getting the mill built and powered.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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I don't have an answer, but am very curious what your going to use these smaller bit's for?
I've heard of blasting (as in sand) media, and making a clothes? dye but that's all I know of without searching the www. The dying use might be with the softer greenish layer that's on them when they fall off of the tree, idk.
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Rent a WW shredder/hammer mill for a day with a small screen, they have 8 horse power for hammer milling.

The shells have plenty of natural oil in them for a fire to heat your home.
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@Rustyiron I have wanted to see how they fair as a fuel, and see about using them as a blasting media/ media to add into soap.
@leonz I end up with quite a bit of offal at the end of a harvest. I would like to finish the harvest with as little leftovers as possible. Ill have to try looking up the suggestion you proposed.
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When I was younger we had an old grain hammer mill. We fed a lot of wheat and barley through it for making pig food. But, it always made a quite a dust storm. Unfortunately my parents gave it away long ago.
I'd think some of them would be around, but I haven't seen any at farm sales recently.

However, I believe the same technology may well be in wood chippers that are a dime a dozen. It might mean finding a new screen for the wood chipper. Or perhaps there are different types of chippers with screens.
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@CliffordK I have thought about a wood chipper, might be the track I take. I am most likely going to do something foolish and see if this small electric chipper can handle the task at all, I doubt it, but one wont know if one does not try I guess.