1. tdpalms

    Frost Plug Heater for 3840 with the S4L2 Mitsubishi

    Anyone here have a block heater installed on their tractor with the S4L2 Mitsubishi? Want to add one but can't find any specs on what size etc I will need. Any info appreciated! TIA
  2. tdpalms

    Brush hogging with Montana 3840, Grade 2 shear bolts wont work

    Does anybody have any experience with brush hogging on their Montanas? I hadn't gone through a single shear bolt on mine since I bought it, and once I did it was a nightmare. I bought a pack of grade 2 bolts from Menards, but sheared every single one of them on startup, never even got to mow...
  3. tdpalms

    Found Montana Parts Source - Can ship anywhere

    Found a reliable parts supplier in South Dakota, Mel's Farm Repair (605) 569-0591. He is a "dealer" for LS, and said he can still access almost all the OEM parts for the Montana models. Made me feel much better than ordering from that half put together website that has the parts and service manuals.
  4. tdpalms

    First time owner Montana 3840, general questions/maintenance questions

    Finally got rid of the skidsteer to switch to a tractor for chores around the homestead. I have previously owned a 1960s Allis Chalmers, but this is my first "modern" tractor. The Montana only has 292 hours on it, but the buddy I bought it from got it on trade for another piece of equipment so...
  5. L

    Hydrostatic drive and Pto failed

    Hey so I go out to blow some snow and my Pto doesn’t turn on. Then 30 min into clearing snow with the loader the tractor stops and I have no fwd or reverse in any range. Loader, power steering, remotes and 3 point hitch all function like normal. Fluid is full and clean. It’s a 2008 Montana...
  6. T

    R2844 FEL Hydraulics

    Greetings All. About six months ago, I bought a mint condition Montana R2844hst that is perfect for my hunting club maintenance chores. It's quite a step up from my old Yanmar 1500 which still runs like a champ. It was just too light. I did some research on FEL compatibility and found that the...