1. laurencen

    deer 725 Kawasaki motor FD501V died ideas?

    had this deere f725 many years, bulletproff I figured but started it yesterday half rmp and backing onto lawn heard a klunk in motor and died, now does not even attempt to fire, pulled plug right side clean, no compression and plug is firing, pulled left plug oily, crank over spitting oil too...
  2. J

    Kubota BX 2230 motor 4WD with PTO/lift/hyd deck lift

    WELL -- here's my problem: My church bought this tractor YEARS ago as some ground is soft and it had fairly good maintenance while the older gentleman was taking care of the ground. When he got too feeble, others tried to mow etc. with it and other than the deck {concrete curb stops, curbing...
  3. Richard

    Hydraulic Motor Question

    I've got a 15' hydraulically powered flex-wing mower. 4-5 years ago, rebuilt all the motors that operate the blades (and the pump which hangs off the PTO on a speed increaser). Note that the outer two sets of blades are on the same hydraulic circuit. Fluid goes from the pump to the right side...
  4. B

    SA 424 Pto issue - Motor dies when engaged

    Hi All - Searched the forum but didnt find any info that helped my situation. I recently bought a used SA 424 - it was part of the home depot rental fleet liquidated through richie brother It came with loader and backhoe - Everything worked great except the pto switch had been broken off - I...
  5. Runner

    Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Story

    Just got back from my friendly local Ford dealer. Two years ago, this dealer installed a replacement catalytic converter on my truck after the original was stolen. Today, I took this truck to the same dealer for a motor vehicle safety inspection (required in my state to renew the license)...
  6. kthompson

    Hyd motor on post hole digger

    I have found some info on this but wanted to narrow the conversation to be certain. I have thought for a good while about installing a hyd motor onto a pto driven post hole digger. We don't have stones but we certainly have tree roots. A thought popped into my mind when talking with a nephew...
  7. Sonny580

    M-500 motor

    HOW do you take the mag off the Kohler 662 motor in these 500 loaders??? Cant get a wrench under the mag or even see under there! Cant get bottom 2 screws out of the cap to look at the points either. anyway the mag is dead and gotta figure out something.
  8. S

    Z-Force 60 Motor Replacement

    Hi all, new here but looking for advice. I've got an option to pickup a CC Z-Force 60 that has a locked up 25 HP Kohler. The owner has had zero issues with this aside from obviously the motor locking up. Issue happened when the filter gave way while motor and ran dry. What motor do you like...
  9. L

    Turfcat T422D Hydraulic Deck Motor Problem

    Guys, Can you help. I am in the UK and have had a turfcat for many years and I recently broke the shaft on the deck hydraulic motor I have managed to get a new one but it will not run if it has any load on at all everything points to a blocked outlet pipe as when I turn it off it runs...
  10. D

    Hydraulic Motor off Rear Remotes

    If I want to run a hydraulic motor off my rear remote valve/coupler, do I need more than just the two lines? In other words, do I also need a tank return, so when turn the rear remote valve/coupler off it doesn't just slam to a stop? If I do how is it plumbed?
  11. C

    M-F GC1705/GC1710/GC1715/GC1720 Starter Motor PSA

    Good morning everyone. Here's something to be on the lookout for so that you don't get caught unaware. My GC1720 is 8 years old and was most recently sitting in my garage where I parked it after the last snowfall. Northern Virginia pretty much had 2 weeks worth of winter this season so it sat...
  12. M

    question about motor control valve

    I built about five years ago a fire wood processor that is run by Hydraulics. The processor has a 30" chainsaw bar with a 404 chain on it. I have a hydraulic spool valve that has an open center that is hooked to a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is hooked to the 30" chainsaw bar. This is what...
  13. TN8Man

    Tractor motor oil over winter cold months

    In the boating community they usually say change oil at the end of the boating season and before winter. I always wondered what happens to oil during a cold winter. Does it get water in it from condensation? Does the oil quality degrade over cold winter conditions? So I was thinking maybe its...
  14. M

    Replace motor on MTD 5hp chipper shredder—shaft?

    MTD 5hp chipper shredder that I want to replace the motor with a new (but about 6 years old in box) Harbor Freight 6.5 hp motor. Best I can measure, I get 5/8” diameter shaft on the HF, but the original motor has a 7/8” diameter at the end of the tapered shaft. I’m seeing lots of adapters out...
  15. L

    Load test Char-Lynn/Eaton hydraulic motors? 101-1005-009

    I have a couple of hydraulic motors; Char-Lynn/Eaton 101-1005-009. I am restoring an old lift that uses them as drive motors. Is there a way to load test them so I can see if they’re good or not? I can turn one of the motors by hand with the sprocket on fairly easily and the other one has more...