1. N

    Need wiring schematic for Craftsman T900

    I am stumped on an electrical problem with a Craftsman T900 lawn tractor. Model number 247.203791. It is made by MTD and the companion MTD number is 13AP79XT099. DOM is 2015. I have searched on line and have not come up with anything helpful. If anyone has a PDF and can share it, I would...
  2. M

    Replace motor on MTD 5hp chipper shredder—shaft?

    MTD 5hp chipper shredder that I want to replace the motor with a new (but about 6 years old in box) Harbor Freight 6.5 hp motor. Best I can measure, I get 5/8” diameter shaft on the HF, but the original motor has a 7/8” diameter at the end of the tapered shaft. I’m seeing lots of adapters out...
  3. AlexanderRuskov

    Tekumseh enginge shuts down when blades start spinning

    I have a problem with my tractor mower. When the blade are lowered, revs begin to drop and the mower shuts off. The traktor has 2 blades. The engine is tecumseh, 12hp. The carburetor is cleaned and the spark plug is sparking. If anyone knows anything about the problem, please write.