Need wiring schematic for Craftsman T900

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May 3, 2022
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I am stumped on an electrical problem with a Craftsman T900 lawn tractor. Model number 247.203791. It is made by MTD and the companion MTD number is 13AP79XT099. DOM is 2015.

I have searched on line and have not come up with anything helpful. If anyone has a PDF and can share it, I would appreciate it.
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MTD doesn't have wiring diagrams. And if they do, they don't even share them with their dealers.

What is the electrical problem you are having
   / Need wiring schematic for Craftsman T900
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Someone brings me this mower after they and their brother inlaw messes with it. They said it would not crank. They charged the battery, changed the solonoid and checked the fuse. Still no crank. They jumped the starter and it turned. There were guessing on the solonoid. They did not test the old one. The

I bench tested all of the interlocks and they work. I saw some home made wiring repairs under the battery and I am suspicious of them. I saw one green wire going no where. That may be correct as it was not stripped and in a bundle tie wrapped together.

This has one of the newer MTD key switches with the light and push button for running with the PTO on while in reverse. I am not sure how that is suppose to check out. Wiring diagram will be very helpful.

I rung these out.

While in the R-F position
B to A1
L to A2
In the F position
B to A1
In the start position
B to A1
B to S
In the Stop position
A1 to G
A1 to M

The box with the 6 prong connector is a mystery to me . I assume there is a relay inside of it that holds a contact or two open/closed while in the reverse cutting mode.

I want to repair those wires under the seat before I put the battery back in and see for my self where power is going. If that green wire is suppose to go somewhere I would like to know that as well.

Any assistance appreciated.
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Might be worth your time and the way I would approach it is to make my own diagram of how it is wired now, then trace the power through your diagram. I like to use different color highlighters on the diagram for starting circuit, switched power, ground, etc. circuits makes it a lot easier to see. Once you look at the diagram you should be able to figure out how it is supposed to work and where it got Bubba-ed and show you where you can start testing for power and continuity
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I looked everywhere for a diagram. Even the Russians didn't have one.

Is this your machine or are you trying to repair it for a friend ?