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    Kubota MX5400 Battery - AGM or Flooded?

    Is the Kubota MX5400 battery an AGM or flooded/wet-cell battery? There is nothing identifying which it is on the label or in the manual. A parts look-up doesn't mention which it is.
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    2020 MX5400 for sale - Like New Condition

    2020 Kubota MX5400, 54 HP, 4WD, Hydrostatic Drive, ROPS, 72" bucket, R4 Industrial tires, 80 Hours, Accessories: 3rd function valve, filled rear tires, custom grill guard, steel sunshade/roof (not shown, never installed, Kubota orange), chain hooks on bucket, improved tool box. This tractor is...
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    Turf Tire Pressure

    I have a new Kubota MX5400 that is used strictly for mowing an airstrip with a Woods RD990X finishing mower. There is no loader on the front and no fluid in the tires as I wanted to keep it as light as possible since it is only used for mowing on dry, level turf. It has turf tires, 305?R343's...